Hire Google Glasses Developers To Create Amazing And User-Friendly Applications

Google glasses are next generation sensible and futuristic eye gadget. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place throughout the world easily. People can perform various tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly. The GPS chip incorporated in this device provides easy navigation with Google maps. People can view any information on the ocular head-mounted display provided on the glasses. To make this device work you may require a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. This gadget has become forefront and center of attraction in the mobile market.

Google glass apps development is increasing day by day in the technology world. The third party developers are creating wonderful free apps such as facial recognition, sharing screenshots, translating the information from unknown language to your native language when spoken or written, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader etc.  This product has gained popularity in the market before its release, so the development of apps has been accelerated. The developers are creating extraordinary apps for this wearable computer. Google standard apps such as Google+, Gmail and Google maps are being incorporated in this.Google Glass

Hiring Google Glasses developers plays a major role in the success of a project. A wrong step taken by the people may ruin the project and result in severe loss of reputation, customer trust, etc.

Skills required for Google Glass developer

To design an effective and bug free Google Glasses Development Company need to Hire Google Glasses Developers.  The major skills required for a Google Glass developer

  • Should be professional and must possess the qualification required for a developer
  • Should be a certified Google Glass developer & designer
  • Should have sound knowledge of Java and Google Mirror API

Undertaking Google Glass Apps Development by the business owners irrespective of their size can help them to earn huge profits and brand reputation.  Since, these glasses have already gained the eye of experts in the marketplace. But to venture this project business you need to have well trained and professional staff, good infrastructure, ability to deliver the task in time, give efficient, cost effective and user friendly solutions. This gadget app development company should hire an expert and professional Google app developers to give tremendous results.

Few popular Google Glass apps

Some of the apps that are being developed include

Glass pay:  This app supports on Google glass as well as on android mobiles. The users just need to scan a UPC code and deploy a shopping cart which allows them to make purchases of any product using bitcoins. They can collect the product in the centralized location

Word of the day: It sends a new word daily to your Google Glasses. It allows the users to learn and enforce new words in their daily life

VK Google Glass App: Allows sharing of memorable photos on renowned social networks quickly

Word Lens for Glass: This allows the people to translate the printed words from unknown language to their native ones. They can even translate the road signs in real-time

Now, hire Google Glasses Developers to develop or create such kind of extraordinary and wonderful apps for this fabulous device.