Hire Google Glass Developers to Build The Apps that are Usable and Unique

Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing gadget that allows the users record videos and capture pictures of every moment in their life time by giving a single voice command. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. The GPS chip embedded in this device allows the users to find out the direction of any location through Google Maps. This portable gadget is an advanced version of both Smartphone’s and tablets.  This gives hand free experience for users and allows easy interaction with the search engines. The individual can get any information at faster pace by giving commands in microphone. This microphone connects to the Google search engine and displays all the results on the screen provided on the glasses. The user interface of this device is completely different to that of Smartphone, tablets, etc.

Google Glass Developer

Various Apps and Their Development

The demand for the Google Glass application developers are accelerating day by day. The Google Glasses Applications Development Companies has to take advantages of this new app market as early as possible to design unique, innovative and fun applications. Some of the standard applications that are incorporated in Google include Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, etc. There are many more interesting and workable applications released by third party developers such as facial recognition, language translation, social networking apps, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader, etc.

The Google mirror API develops cloud based application for the glasses but these apps can interact with the glasses only in limited way. However, the Glass Development Kit which is going to get released in the market has many features embedded in it which allows the developers to create dynamic user interfaces, augment reality gaming and many more applications. But the Google Glasses Applications Development companies undertaking this project should fulfill the below mentioned requirements

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should have good infrastructure

Few of the interesting apps concepts that can be installed in Google Glasses include

  • Sharing videos and photos in real-time: You can set-up a video conference with your friends and colleagues using integrated Google hangout software. This allows the individual on the other end to experience the vicinity as you.
  • Navigation:  Navigates to the location the user requires using Google Maps.  People can even use My Glass apps in the absence of GPS to see the clear cut directions.
  • Facial recognition:  This app will recognize your face and identify your friend in the bustling areas effectively.
  • News and Media: It allows users to receive and view the latest news in front of their eyes. You can view headlines, images, articles published quickly and easily.

Requirements of Google Glass Developer

Many of the mobile app development firms have started hiring extremely professional Google glass developers to create interesting apps that are compatible to the glass functionality and features. Creating the apps for these glasses gives a different experience for the developers.

Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the crucial job for every organization, since the project will be totally managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in selection process can ruin the entire organization. This business people have to Hire Google Glass Developers who fulfill the below criteria

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should create unconventional and highly featured apps for the customers
  • Should have good infrastructure
  • Should be certified professional in Google Glass designing
  • Should posses sound knowledge in java and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to meet the deadlines of the project
  • Should understand the requirements of the clients quickly
  • Should be able to analyze and  develop the code
  • Should give best and cost effective solutions
  • Should be aware of the content he is going to work with
  • Should be able to manage the task tactically
  • Should design the apps by keeping target audience in mind

Companies should hire Google Glass Developers who can fulfill the above requirements to develop innovative, creative, usable, exciting and fun applications for this wearable eye-gadget.