Google Glassware – A Masterstroke

Storage has always been an issue with portable devices and extensive applications require processing power beyond what a device like Google Glass can contain without becoming too bulky. Power efficiency and performance of the device were going to be the biggest points on which sceptics and detractors were going to question Google Glass and its usability. Google has created the Mirror API and gives developers the option to create web application that run on the cloud. These applications will have individual instances for each user and the entire processing of the device will be handled by Google’s enormous cloud structure. Google Glass user will be able to fetch the output of these web applications directly on his device, and it would appear on the device in the form of Cards. These web applications are called Google Glassware and are based on the familiar Chrome book concept which Google has already tested rigorously for many years.

Promoting application development

The Mirror API is ideal for applications that do not require real time access to the device. News applications, location based applications and Social Networking applications will be able to use the Mirror API to provide users with timely updates. Google Glasses Apps Development is expected to increase rapidly now since Google has made the API public. Earlier the Mirror API could only be used by the developers that had access to the Google Glass device, but now anyone can use this API to create web applications. This will help Google create an application ecosystem containing thousands of unique applications by the time Google Glass is ready for a public launch.

Making application development easier

In an effort to get the platform ready for a global launch, Google also introduced the Glass Development Kit in November. Developers who require greater access than what Google Glassware offer will be able to use the Glass Development Kit to create applications that can utilise the complete range of features that the device has to offer. The GDK is designed to aid application development by providing developers with a single platform which ensures platform and design compatibility.

Choosing between Mirror and GDK

The Mirror API and Glass Development kit are both designed to help developers create application for Google Glasses in an efficient manner. There is an immense difference between these development tools and knowing which one works for the service a developer wants to create will be crucial. Both Mirror and GDK offer different approaches to Google Glasses Apps Development and picking the right tool for development is going to make an immense difference. Not all applications require real time access to the device and case use for both development methods is going to be different. The learning curve is also significantly steeper for developers opting for the Glass Development Kit. Creating a Glassware application is a lot simpler and existing web applications are easily portable to Google Glass platform.  The decision will ultimately rest with the developer, and Glass app store will have to rely on the sound judgement of these developers.