Google Glasses Sell Out Like Hot Cakes!

Alas! The one day sale for Google Glass held on the 15th of April was way too small to appease the hunger of the people! Although Google promises to set up many more such small one day sales, but that certainly does not good to the people who are still willing to get their hands on it. Apart from that, Google has also become the epicenter of criticism for having launched such a sale only for the US population. Talk about global trade!

The company proclaimed plans to unlock this fancy device for the general public in order to give them an experience to be able to buy it for themselves. However, this only led to a further mess as hordes of people competed to get their own Glass at any cost. Obviously, there is no doubt about the company anticipating such a mad rush. It is probably why people are so upset about not being able to satiate the requirement.

Google Glass

Did they keep the customers apprised?

Well of course! From a company their size, it is unbelievable that they wouldn’t! But of course, instead of choosing every platform available, they stuck to Google + and put all the information right there. They made it clear that the devices were being sold at a pretty good speed. In fact, when the cotton white model got sold out, they made it clear on their Google + page that so had happened.

Any room for new Explorer aspirants?

There is a website, where US citizens above the age of 18 with a US shipping address can sign up and pre order their devices. Whenever their device will be ready, they will be intimated and they can purchase it for $1500.

The trouble with the glass is that it is now only focusing on US citizens. This can create some amount of frustration amongst global developers. Also, it is only available through the explorer program to add to the difficulties.

The rest of the world is kind of feeling slighted. So, unless Google can quickly come back with something happy to offer to the globe, there will be some sort of controversy over this futuristic device. In fact, it looks like the rest of the world cannot even opine on the Glass because it does not have a chance to experience it.

So, who does the explorer program focus on?

Well, since Google Glass Web Development is coming up in a big way, the explorer program essentially centers on the developers to make sure that Google Glass application development can rise at an unprecedented rate.

Google Glass application development is much different than other android application development. This is because of the difference in the gadget itself. In case the explorers get their hands on the device before the general release, it will facilitate them to make sure that they can handle the Google Glass web development in the right way so that the device happens to be profitable for everyone.

On the whole, if you are another Explorer aspirant, my advice is first focus on the applications that are existent in the market. Also, study the reviews of the device and gain some insight about what other explorers have to say. And, if you aren’t a US national, then I guess, waiting for the GDK is the only hope, at least for the near future.