Google Glasses App Development to Create the Apps that Enhance the User’s Experience

Google Glasses are an advanced version of smart phones and tablets. This next generation hi-tech wearable and futuristic eye gadget having a chip at the corner of the frame is going to hit the market in the next year. The GPS chip embedded in this device provides easy navigation with Google maps.  People can perform various activities such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly by giving voice commands. Glasses can store huge volumes of data and gives high speed internet access. People can search any information within fraction of seconds.

Google Glasses

Google glasses are already incorporated with few standard apps such as Gmail, Google+, Google Now, etc and other new applications such as language translation, note taking, social networking apps, QR reader, barcode scanner, etc. By having these right apps, Google glasses will become very profitable option for the users.

Tools to create Apps

There are few amazing tools available in the market to create the apps for Google glasses. The Glass Development kit (GDK) has inbuilt features which empower app developer to use android code to build Glassware.  But this GDK is not yet been released into the market. With the release of this kit, developers can build many more new Google Glass apps. This kit gives complete access to the hardware of the glass device such as a gyroscope, accelerometer and compass. OpenGL based graphics can also be developed on the glass devices. Currently, there are HTML based cards being used for the application but later with the release of the SDK, developers will be able to create more dynamic user interfaces, augment reality games and applications.

These apps help the industries of various sectors to carry out their work easily by providing best solutions. These glasses

  • Overcome disabilities
  • Translates from one language to another
  • Improves the reality gaming and user experience
  • Enhances education system
  • Allows more hands on learning

The amazing, usable and exciting apps that are developed for Google Glasses by Google Glasses App Development companies include:

YourShow: Presentations became mandatory in every profession. This app is really interesting for the people who would like to read important notes while giving a presentation which allows them to engage the audience for longer durations with the interesting presentation. All you need is to upload the presentation online.

Google Glass App Design is done in a simple and user-friendly manner to catch the eye of every user and to operate it easily without any hassle. Google Glass App design can be done using various platforms such as Java, Python, PHP, Go, .Net, and Ruby.