Fun and Frolic for an FB-o-holic!

Facebook is easily the most popular medium of entertainment today. Ask anybody (better yet yank his Smartphone away from him and stare at its screen) and you will find that just about everyone is interested in socializing virtually.

Be it school children chatting after class, girlfriends and boyfriends video chatting with their lovers or entrepreneurs busy in marketing and promoting their business, Facebook App Development has taken the center stage in the global scenario today.

I mean, I have seen people updating their every move on Facebook like some serious addiction has changed their basic needs from food, water and shelter, just Smartphone and the internet. Especially the youth today, they are totally captivated by Facebook.

So, what is the cause for this addiction?

I am not too sure that even Mark Zucherburg had ever envisaged the earth to turn so blue so soon, but it did. More and more people are finding the idea of being able to connect with such a huge number of people and that too for free very appealing.

This leads to the thought that if there are so many people using Facebook, it can easily be used as a medium of communication and after some time promotion. As business owners wizen up, they enter an era of Facebook App Development to capture the attention of their audience for as long as possible.

Fun or Utility

In a dilemma of whether the business owner should develop apps for fun or of some specific utility becomes a serious concern considering that more people enjoy playing silly games rather than doing serious works. Here we explore individual apps of each category trying to identify which makes it to the top.

Angry Birds

Anyone who has any connection at all with the world of digital gaming is fully aware of Angry birds. A simple and yet captivating game by Rovio that has sent ripples of addiction through every section of the population. People of every age and every background love to play this game.

However, this initially Android game was developed into a Facebook App as an experiment to check its success. The results are unbelievably positive. Everyone loves Angry birds flying in every direction killing Green pigs!


Now, for utility. Earlier on, people would not be able to send files over 16GB via Facebook. So, we put in a little brain and develop an app that can help people do much ore. Pipe is an Application that enables users to transfer very heavy files by just dragging and dropping them to the desired locations.

Its simplicity is what makes it so popular. Today, people all over the world are using this app because it helps them transfer entire movies without any data loss and any other such files which have a huge size.

Apart from app development, Facebook Fan Page Designing too is coming up in a big way. It has become clear that more and more people are joining Facebook every day and Facebook fan page designing will allow entrepreneurs connect with users in the best possible way.