Enjoy A Secure Platform and Simplicity of Working with ColdFusion Development

I have been into web development for over a decade now and have played around with just about all programming languages. I have dabbled in PHP, spent significant time working on ASP and other languages. However, just recently, I jumped onto the bandwagon of ColdFusion.

During my initial introduction with ColdFusion, I literally thought it was not worth the effort and instantly displayed by annoyance. I did not find anything at that point to attract the programmer in me. Though some of my fellow counterparts were using the technology already, I being seasoned to work on ASP for most of my projects, found the alternative ugly and difficult to shift instantly.

There may be various programmers across the continents who had to face such instances in the past. I am speaking about shifting to some new technology or language for web development purposes. All might vouch for the fact that it is never easy to do this, as you are used to spend continuous hours of toiling on mastering one specific language. Finding yourself confronted with new territory is never easy. You feel yourself in foreign grounds; lost a bit. This is exactly what I faced when asked to opt for ColdFusion.

The Transition

It has been just over an year now, and I find myself as a complete ColdFusion Developer. Yes, you read correctly. I have now made ColdFusion my preference, though I still speak about using ASP with fellow programmers. Our organization too has started using the tag of a ColdFusion development company. Things change swiftly; however, this transition gave me a lot in terms of a cleaner, faster and most importantly, a cheap alternative to develop web projects. If you are someone who is facing the trauma faced by me a year and half back, you may feel skeptical; however, when you complete reading this extract, I am sure you will see light at the other end; the bright light of ColdFusion development.

Background Check

Besides having a history spanning changes and acquisitions, ColdFusion has become a language for RAD (Rapid Application Development). ColdFusion is able to accomplish this feat with the provision of tag-based usability, familiar to HTML coders or programmers.

Originally developed and designed by Allaire brothers in the year 1995, ColdFusion was later purchased by Macromedia. Just as other web languages, the intention of this language was the provision of a method of speaking with databases and the displayed data for a ColdFusion developer. Though this language was not advanced in its initial days, it was simple to understand and implement.

Enhancement in Security

It is an unfortunate truth that most individuals do not give prominence to security concerns and think it is an afterthought in website application development. Average users tend to build their sites first and then hunt for problems related to security. However, according to me, this is a very bad idea and method to follow.

Security is an aspect that you need to consider in your mind before starting your web development, during it, and also after completion of the project. A ColdFusion Development Company will however rely on the the language for this, as it offers the developers a secure platform for building applications. One of the prominently visible aspect is the installer prompting to lock your server. The option of “Secure Profile” will preset different settings on your server for locking it down and prevent usual errors.

I strongly recommend the use of ColdFusion, simply because of the ease of using it and the immense potential it renders to developers. However, you need to try it yourself before believing me. I bet you will love it!