Different Interesting and Exciting Apps Developed by Google Glasses App Development Company

This can be carried to any place easily without much hassle. People can perform all the tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly with a simple voice command.


Platform used for developing Google wearable eye gadget apps

Many Google Glasses App Development companies are undertaking the app developing projects and giving out wonderful and user-friendly apps for the people. Google is giving chances for all the business irrespective of size to develop the apps. This is the right chance for the Google Glasses App Development companies who like to gain brand reputation and earn revenue. Since, the technology has no ceiling; every day new apps get released into the market.

Developers are building various interesting apps by combining both location awareness and photo recognition technology. These glasses provide the information relevant to the location that we are located at in the correct time. Smartphone’s give alerts regarding the live events on our mobiles but whereas this Google Glass app development gives alerts about the activities without any need of alarms. For instance, when we enter any retail store the apps display the cash limit in the wallet and credit limit on your card. They even provide the list of items that are available in the departmental store as soon as you enter the store. Few apps give the train and plane arrival time and departure timing and other information when you step into the station or airport in the form of time table. By using the combination of calendar and daily planner applications, this device escorts you towards the train or plane you want to board too. There are some interesting apps which tell you the safest route of travelling while you are walking or going by your vehicle to avoid traffic jams, crowded areas and robberies.

Guidelines to be followed by App developers

Google Glass App Design is created in a user-friendly manner to catch the eye of every user and to operate it easily without much trouble. Google Glass App design is built using either of two programming languages such as Java and Python. This Google glass is making use of different sets of API’s to develop a dynamic application.  Google has provided a solution for the developer to create apps, especially for Google glasses in the form of glassware. This allows the developers to create a cloud based applications. Users need not require downloading and configuring the apps on this device instead they can get the required information and use the features of the apps directly onto the device but in a limited way.