Develop Google Glass App Design In An Effective Manner To Give Perfect User Experience

Google glasses are the wearable computer that is in the process stage by Google. This lightweight, flexible and easy to wear device can be carried to any place across the globe easily. People can perform all the tasks such as capturing pictures, recording videos easily and quickly just by giving a voice command. This helps the users to explore new places across the world. The GPS chip embedded in this device provides easy navigation with Google maps. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity.  People can access the internet and search any information by giving voice commands in your natural language. All the information related to the topic will be displayed on the optical head-mounted display embedded on the glasses.  The future demand for this portable computer will be massive like a regular computer.

Basic Requirements to undertake app projects

Google Glasses App Development are creating different apps such as facial recognition, note taking, photos sharing, social networking apps, language translation in real-time, barcode scanner, QR reader etc. The demand for Google Glasses App Development Company is increasing day by day in the technology world. People are developing apps that are very useful for the users which can help them to earn more and more revenue and reputation.  Many apps that are compatible with Google Glasses are being released in the market and speed of developing ones is also being increased rapidly. Any business owner who wants to take their business to heights has to venture these app development projects. But to undertake it, technology enthusiasts should fulfill the below mentioned requirements such as

  • Should have highly equipped infrastructure
  • Must provide cost effective solutions
  • Should have highly professional and well trained staff in Google Glass app development
  • Should be able to develop a unique app

The company has to put the resources available to them in the right way to achieve a good output. They should be creative and innovative in order to take their business to peaks. There is no ceiling in the technology world. Developers have to put their skills and efforts in giving out wonderful and user-friendly apps to increase the market penetration.

Apps are developed using Glassware. To develop this Glassware people use Google’s Mirror API. This API empowers the developers to create innovative, workable and fun apps for the next generation technology Google Glasses.  It is entirely based on cloud services and allows developing web-based services too.

Points to be considered before designing the apps

Google Glass App Design is done in unique and simple manner to catch the eye of every user. The points to be remembered by the developer before designing the apps for this novel platform are:

  • Image or video presented on the screen should be very simple and easily understood
  • Do not elaborate features and time consuming functionality
  • Give a better experience by providing concise information about the latest updates in a timely manner, since the screen is very close to the eye
  • Create extraordinary features and functionality to enhance the user’s experience
  • Do not create a hindrance technology since, the audience does not use the apps always they use whenever required and should be hidden automatically in unnecessary cases.

Google Glass App design can be done using various platforms such as Java, Python, PHP, Go, .Net, and Ruby.