Confessions of a Diehard Coldfusion Fan!

I have been in the industry of technological development for as long as I can remember. As a child I saw daddy sitting on our garage with his ancient computer and writing stuff that truly amazed me. I never understood what he was doing though, but I knew I wanted to do the exact same office.

Since dada was a real hardworking man, our little business that started out from our garage soon took shape of one of the minor celebrated IT firms in Jacksonville, and later we had our own branch in sweet New York.


Ever since, I have dedicated myself to lifelong service towards ColdFusion Development. After all, it was responsible for our prosperity. Now you know how faithful I am towards it, so can you imagine my plight whenever I hear someone talk about ColdFusion badly?

I get infuriated! And so I decided to write a blog discussing:

  1. a.      all the terrible myths that surround ColdFusion and
  2. b.      how incorrect they are

It’s a rich man’s language

A lot of people believe that coldfusion is not for newbie’s or ones that are just starting up their business. However, you couldn’t be more incorrect. Yes, there are initial costs to it, but it starts paying off soon enough.

Basically you have to be prepared to invest a little bit towards just about anything you want to do good at. If you want to start a coldfusion development company, you will be amazed at how soon your returns will start materializing.

If you aren’t a developer and are just and entrepreneur trying to Hire ColdFusion Developer and are finding it extremely difficult to accept the prices, remember any decent coldfusion company will charge you a basic sum of money to let you hire coldfusion developers with experience and talent.

However, once you have invested that much, rest assured that your money will come back to you compounded with profits as soon as possible. It’s a cool language that is fast, clear and makes the final product so appealing that your customers will not know how to stay away from it!

It can be really slow

Seriously, when I heard this one, I laughed! I mean how can someone not qualified in coldfusion claim that it is not fast. I have worked with coldfusion for as long as I can remember. I have seen it evolve from a primitive and yet reliable language to a slick and advanced programming language, and none of the versions seemed slow to me.

Yes, you can say that there is a little extra effort in making a coldfusion website work, but it’s always the case with better stuff. I mean, it’s obviously easier to cook a muffin from a food truck than to prepare a gourmet strawberry compote on a bed of some delicious cake at a five star restaurant. Do the math! Don’t you see now?

ColdFusion is not safe

ColdFusion is one of the most popular and yet most feared programming language being used in the world today. For any big, heavy duty website, people always prefer to go with coldfusion because of its sturdy robust structure and other advantages. Safety has never been a real threat with Coldfusion; however, with the kind of internet malpractice around in the present times, hardly any technology is foolproof.