ColdFusion Web Development – Understand The Nuances of ColdFusion to Experience Its Immense Potential

Just like the wind changes its direction in no seconds, technology too changes unannounced. Over the years, the biggest contribution of technology has been in the field of web development. This can be better understood by a web developer like me. I am fortunate to have received the kind of education that has allowed me to witness the spate of change technology has and is contribution to web development. It has given several platforms and applications to develop websites. Most of the applications have made a foray into this field several years ago, and are still holding their root updating themselves to match up with current needs of internet users. ColdFusion is one such applications that is making life easier for web developers.

The rise of ColdFusion

What I have learned about ColdFusion is that Jeremy Allaire and JJ Allaire conceived it in 1995 as a rapid web application development platform. Initially, it was designed as an interface to add HTML pages to a web database. Its second version that came out in 1996 included integrated development environment (IDE) and scripting language to offer programmers and developers with loads of facilities. The fact that thousands of organizations all over the globe use ColdFusion, is a testimonial enough why you should go for ColdFusion Web Development. No wonder, Adobe Systems purchased it in 2005. The latest version is ColdFusion 10 invented in 2010 to aid in rich Internet application development.

Things to ponder

I always recommend you to hire a ColdFusion Developer for your business website. Since the Internet is all about speed and enhancing users’ experience, a website that requires a few seconds to open up and shuffle from one page to another will definitely lag behind in the competition. To increase the speed and performance of the website, you have to develop it using ColdFusion. Moreover, it can make your website attractive and help you add several functions. In case you want to add a Flash video or Javascript on your site, you can easily have it integrated. Besides, adding forms, catalogs, and other programs to enhance productivity and efficiency of your website will be easy as well if you take professional help.ColdFusion

However, it is not easy for someone who has no programming background. I would recommend you to develop knowledge about ASP, PHP, CSS, and HTML first and then shift. Once the web development foundation is ready, you will face no difficulty in growing your knowledge. I took six months to learn the nuances of this application. I was amazed to see the various features and simple options. The best thing about ColdFusion is compatibility with different application servers. It can also perform harmoniously with J2EE application servers. Further, simplifying HTML into scripting syntax is equally possible.

What makes more compelling to use ColdFusion is its supporting features for web servers built on different platforms. Some of the examples of web servers supported by it are Apache, NSAPI, IIS, HP-UX and Windows. It also supports programming languages like Action script used in Flash.

As I have worked on ColdFusion MX 7, the best thing I liked is the facility to handle instant messaging and SMS events. If you are using it, you can manage these marketing concepts through a gateway interface. You can even convert HTML to PDF, build GUI widgets, use ODBC and or JDBC for posting questions on database.

I hope the kind of functions and operations you can perform with ColdFusion web development tools will encourage you to use it. If you still find it daunting, then hire  ColdFusion developer to take care of things.