Coldfusion Development V/s PHP: Which One to Go For?

Amid all the confusion of which one ranks amongst the top development technology today, ColdFusion has become my favorite. I simply adore it because it is simple, effective and not so expensive. I mean, in my line of profession, we come across many clients who are not particularly sure about what they want, but they keep asking what to go for, what not to do and how to proceed with web development.

Actually the most that people have heard of is PHP and how great it is so clients keep asking me to work with PHP only. However, when I sit with them and explain to them the pros and cons of both, they happily agree with me to use ColdFusion.

Can we rule them as one better than the other?

For the most part, no. When we talk about two different technologies, I would urge you to never compare between them. They are essentially created for different purposes. Before you decide to go for one option, you have to understand the role you want your website or web application to play and then based on your requirement choose a language which will facilitate you to get best results.

Why I suggest ColdFusion to most Clients?

Although I said that we should not compare between two languages, it is of utmost importance that we consider our options in terms of resource and time availability before we decide to settle on a particular technology.

I love PHP, but I find that ColdFusion has an edge over PHP in a few respects. Following is a list of my observation:

  • Requires much less coding
  • Offers a much clearer and neat and clean presentation
  • splendid amalgamation with PDF’s and SWF’s
  • It is essentially tag based which makes it easy to learn. If you already know html, then you can easily become a ColdFusion Developer
  • It has in built charting,
  • It also bears an in built XML integration ,
  • Has an in built read and write registry
  • carry out programs and batch files on the server,
  • POP mail recovery
  • Better session management as compared to PHP which uses the file system making it incredibly slow and not at all flexible.

Which one is more Cost effective?

When it comes to a cost analysis I would have to agree that both are pretty much the same. The only difference is probably because ColdFusion happens to be a little simple and therefore its turnaround time is faster. So if you have hired an hourly developer or something, then PHP would be an expensive option.

One word of caution, you have to be very careful about how you select your developer. In the present times, it is easy to get cheated. Be careful of selecting an appropriate ColdFusion developer so that your final product is a success.