Enter the World of Responsive Websites with the Immensely Useful Technology of Bootstrap

With the mobile screen getting bigger and bigger every year, people are using it to access the internet. Be it for finding about a local business, event or going through a video tutorial, smart phones are now just as good as a personal computer. Any website owner who wants to sell his business through the internet has taken cognizance to this fact. Hence, they are asking web developers to build Bootstrap web design for visitors who access them on small screens. Many of my clients are calling me and requesting me to do the same for them. They just need a responsive design for their website that can react quickly on itself, according to the screen size of the device used.

Responsive design is in

I am sure you must have heard about responsive design being in the web development field, but have never bothered to know in detail about it. With the help of Bootstrap, you can build a responsive website that can work the same way when viewed on a mobile screen or a laptop. It will give you the foundation in building web apps and site as per clients’ demands. It is a HTML5 & CSS3 framework used to build Bootstrap Theme Design.

Enter Bootstrap

So far, while designing a website, you have to maintain separate files of CSS, PSD, and HTML. Maintaining all these files in a root directory and then giving a lengthy command to access the file stored in it was a tedious job. When I approached responsive web design, my life became a lot simpler. Now, I don’t have to keep a log of all the files or create numbers of CSS and PSD files. With Bootstrap, you just have to apply one simple rule – one design to manage all the files regardless of the orientation of the website. With just “domain.com” your website would appear the same on a mobile, tablet and desktop.

As a web designer, and web developer, I am sure you must have heard the term “media queries.” Now with CSS3, it is easy to target these features for different screen sizes and resolutions. Before this, it was used to print styles, but with the CSS3, it has become more evolved and useful. If you don’t know the amazing stuff offered by Bootstrap, just go through some of its unique features.

You can reset typeset and background of a global standard, create simple layouts, link styles, and use a powerful 12 responsive grid system. The result would not only be amazing, but also more functional. Further, styling basic HTML elements that include forms, tables, code, buttons, widgets and typography will take less time. You can even style build interface components for page headers, navigation bar, alerts, and pills. If you are missing Javascript plugins, then take a look at the features of Bootstrap theme design that offer inclusion of tool tips, modals, popovers, and lots more.

Wondering how to learn Bootstrap web design? Just visit any Bootstrap tutorial site and download the page. It is an open-source application and free to download. I did the same and found useful doc files and tutorials to start with. Also, while downloading, I chose the customized version as it gives you options to select your preference. Moreover, you get one CSS file combined with the features of responsive media queries.

How To Avoid Hazards of Multilingual Website Development

There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that everybody wants to become bigger in their own sphere of business. If you are a small time tailor, you would like to own a shop some day, and then later wish to have your own brand going on with a chain of stores and eventually have a customer base all over the world.

Now, earlier on, hopes such as these would be considered funny and unrealistic, but with the kind of power that internet gives you, one can easily achieve just about anything. The internet offers you to be able to reach and access the whole world.

How does accessing the world mean good business?

I know, you aren’t asking this, I am just answering it for the benefit of the less internet savvy people. Essentially, the internet is a medium to increase your reach and consequently your accessibility. If you are a little business owner in Utah, you will still be able to reach customers in Belgium, only with the help of the internet.

Distance no longer poses a real threat to the growth of business. Of course, you’ve really got to be good in order to be able to sell to a global audience, but apart from the quality of your core business, there is nothing that can stop you from becoming a global sensation.

So, how do people in foreign countries get what I am saying?

A few years back the concept of Multilingual Website Development was born owing to the need of explaining customers in a foreign language speaking environment to understand what you are saying.

Multilingual website development is nothing but the process of creating a website and ensuring that it is readable in multiple languages targeting your niche clientele. This is a very creative area which moves away from mere translation of web pages to actual explanation of various clauses and offers which can enhance your productivity and profitability manifold.

Is multilingual web design quick and easy?

Well, in a manner of speaking, multilingual web design can be a little more complicated than the others. And this is not only because of the whole process of feeding in double or triple content. Multilingual web design is made to please or at least appeal to a huge stratum of audience base which includes people from different backgrounds, different cultural connotations and beliefs as well. This is why the entire process of designing has to be such that regardless of what you put forth it does not hurt the sentiments of anyone belonging to any section.

Avoiding the hazards

The most prevalent hazards of multilingual web design are the ones where you focus only on one ethnic group and depict something that might mean something else to an audience elsewhere. For example, you might use various colours to denote a lot of things; but the same colours can mean a lot of things in different places. White is the colour of marriage in the west while in Asia it denotes mourning.  This is why it is of critical significance that you pick out neutral colours that have a global and standard acceptance to particular topics. It is best to seek help from professional multilingual website development expert who can show you all the things that must be done in order to enhance your profitability and reduce the chances of an accidental ‘lost in translation’!

Multilingual Website Development – Some Valuable Tips for Beginners

Time has proved that English is a dominant language on the Internet; however, things are rapidly changing with billions of individuals preferring websites in their own spoken languages. Research has proved this fact about liking of regional languages for building websites. Figures also suggest that with this increasing need for multilingual websites, it is always better for the regional players to build websites in their local languages.

Being in the web development domain for several years, I have understood the importance of multilingual website development and hence, have learned the techniques and become proficient is this regards. However, there are many who need to understand this multilingual prominence and stay in sync with changing times. I am sharing some important and useful tips here for starting out as multilingual developers of websites.

Use of TLDs (Top Level Domain)

The domain being the foremost aspect of websites, you will need individual TLDs per language for infiltrating foreign regions properly. This will also lead to boosting the site credibility along with ranking your website high on regional search engines.

Hosting Platform

Try as far as possible to host every TLD on regional servers, as this too helps in accentuating search rankings.


There are various elements that you need to consider while engaging in multilingual web design and overall navigation along with page structures. My experience suggests that the use of frameworks that are consistent for branding and are recognized locally world over are best. Such frameworks are flexible for changing languages and preferences of design for every market. I always make it a point to research about competitor websites from every market, as this aids in understanding the likes in regards to content and design for different cultures.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

I always keep the content aloof from the design with the use of CSS. This will prove beneficial if the need for switching content from one site to the other arises.

Choice of color

When you consider multilingual website development, the color connotations for different cultures needs to be considered. Different regions have varied color preferences. This makes it imperative that you choose colors that suit different cultures.


It is always preferable to use Times New Roman, Verdana or Arial fonts for whichever market you intend to target. These are universally accepted fonts.


You need to ensure that your stay in sync with cultural sensitivity while choosing images for your website. The images need to be appropriate according to target markets. For example, you need to use Chinese people for images on sites for the Chinese market. The images may lead to offending cultural sentiments and thus gain prominence while selection.

Use of Flash

My personal experience in terms of Multilingual Web Design has been to stay away from Flash as far as possible. Use of flash slows down your website loading and shoos away visitors.

Translate option

Lastly, ensure that the translator you use for different languages is professional in his or her language. You need to remember that languages are tricky beasts and fluids, having the potential of leading to misunderstandings. Inappropriate language use is sure to scare potential customers away from your website. Relying completely on Google Translate option is not advocated. This will be more harmful for SEO keywords.

Finally, I want to add, that multilingual web development can only be perfected with extensive practice. Hope my suggestions provided above will prove beneficial for you.

Experience the Ease and Simplicity of Bootstrap for your Web Development Needs

Can you ever ignore something that has an intuitive, powerful and sleek framework which is easy and fast for web development? The answer will definitely be “No.’ You will further follow it if you know that such a framework is developed by people from Twitter. I as a programmer was astonished at knowing that such a framework exists. Well, I am talking about Bootstrap. Right from its inception, Bootstrap has obtained a good following. With even NASA swearing by it, the popularity soared even higher. Let me take you through a ride of what Bootstrap HTML Development has in store for you.

Understanding the framework

Bootstrap’s framework is open source and aids in building interfaces for the web, based on responsive design. The framework renders all web designers and developers to utilize it. The framework uses CSS, HTML and JavaScript which includes jQuery. HTML 5 and CSS 3 is also supported by Bootstrap. You can attach Bootstrap into your apps for provision of enhanced functionality, or use it for building applications from scratch.

I consider Bootstrap as a growing star that is getting loads of admirers and attention recently. Being released recently, even the founders of the framework; Twitter, may never have imagined it to become so big. It will boggle your mind when you consider how easy it is to incorporate on complex aspects on any website.

Exemplary features

Bootstrap provides numerous beneficial features; however, I personally love the column layout; one that provides visual representations of your layout. I had experienced similar features with YAML; however, with Bootstrap, this was straightforward along with many other features.

You need to first understand what exactly is your need in terms of design before using Bootstrap. In the realm of the web world, mimic is considered flattery. You may find numerous examples on the Internet showing visuals of Bootstrap usability allowing you to view the codes from the source easily and borrow it according to your need.

One aspect that will interest programmers like me is the ability of rolling out on your own and downloading the results. This option is made available with the help of “Customize page.” This renders you the option of choosing jQuery plugins and components, along with specifying the variables. Once you choices are complete, you can download results in zip files. This file will contain the standard directories of Bootstrap; namely, img, js and css.

The other option is downloading or purchasing designs that are created by some third party. Searching on Google will put forth overwhelming matches. I leave this search detailing to you. However, I can say that there are numerous templates available for you over the Internet. I have myself tested some of these options.

Try to know

Though I cannot boast of loads of experience working with Bootstrap web development, I definitely finding laying and designing a site with this framework quite straightforward and simple as a process. Even my fellow programmers have similar experiences to share. Hence, if you consider working on this framework, I will recommend you take a test and decide yourself.

Overall speaking, whether you are into web designing professionally, or simply have interest in learning about Bootstrap HTML development due to lack of coding skills, I can assure you that Bootstrap is extremely useful. All that it requires is installation of this framework and access to the different components and styles for launching into Bootstrap web development.

Language Free Internet: Multilingual Website Development

Language has been the stepping stone for human kind ever since the need to communicate was felt. Language has helped people forge relationships and trade for eons now. However, language has also affected us adversely. It has increased the distance between people of different cultures by putting a big gap in the understanding capabilities of the buyer and the seller.

In the present day scenario where the world is nothing but a global market, having the ability to communicate all over the world becomes of utmost importance. But how is one to achieve that? One could say that the internet is the solution to most of man’s troubles and so it should find a solution for the same as well.

Multilingual Web Development

The concept of e-shopping

Some good should did come up with the concept of shopping online which facilitates a business owner to showcase his products and services to the global audiences, so that if there is a customer sitting halfway across the world is interested in buying his products, he can easily do so without having to travel the distance.

Did this model work?

It pretty much did work on the local platform but not so well on the global platform. This was because someone sitting in china probably doesn’t speak Spanish, and no matter how much he wants something, until and unless he understands what you are saying to him, he can’t purchase anything.

This put the technology enthusiasts in a dilemma. Although online shopping seemed to be a great idea, something somewhere was going terribly wrong. In order to bridge this gap and make life simpler for everybody, the concept of Multilingual Website Development was brought about.

What is a multilingual website?

As the name suggests a multilingual website is nothing but an ordinary website that has the ability to translate its own content based on the geolocation that it is accessed from. The owner of the website can preset the different languages that he wants to put on his site based on his market research of potential clientele and then the site will automatically translate to the given language when viewed from there. This is a fantastic concept for both the buyer and the seller because with the help of this they can communicate with each other seamlessly.

What is Multilingual Web design?

Multilingual Web Design is the process of designing the multilingual website to ensure that it meets the aesthetic expectation of every cultural group that it is aimed at. This can be a difficult process because every place has a different modus operandi for different things. Each country has its specific set of beliefs and rituals.

The main aim of multilingual web design is to ensure that no sentiments of any ethnic group are hurt. You want to make sure that the content is not a direct translation but a contextual one because sometimes a direct translation would mean something completely different than what is originally intended.

Why Choose Bootstrap HTML Development?

In the race to be able to create the best possible online identities in the least possible time frame, every single day some new piece of technology is being created. As more and more developers enter into the field of digital development, Bootstrap is continues to gain popularity.

Bootstrap HTML development is essentially the process of creating HTML websites based on the Bootstrap framework. As more and more entrepreneurs have come to understand the kind of flexibility offered by Bootstrap, many developers have started opting for it.

There are a few reasons which encourage developers all over the world to work with Bootstrap rather than any other frame work. Following is a list of the most important features of Bootstrap Web Design that make the overall process of developing websites for you an easier and hassle procedure.

Reducing the differences

As has always been, design and development are two distinct branches of creating a website. Bootstrap however ensures that the gap between development and Bootstrap web design is reduced to the bare minimum. Basically the wide ranging set of UI elements found in Bootstrap contribute significantly in pulling the ends closer and reducing the differences between the developer and the designer.

Cross browser/device compatibility

Today, the diverse collection of handsets makes it impossible for one to know for sure which medium will your customer access your site through. Cross browser or cross device compatibility is a must and it can be achieved through Bootstrap. It supports all the major browsers and is also compatible with devices such as:

  • smart phones
  • tablets
  • desktop
  • other viewing mediums

‘Responsive’ design

Bootstrap offers the best responsive designs for your site. It is sensitive to the medium used to access your website and accordingly adjusts the visibility of the site. This ensures that your customers who access your site through the cell phone can also view your site in the most optimized way. It adapts to the screen size seamlessly delivering high quality results.

Growing UI library

There is no doubt about the fact that the core of functionality of any framework lies in the strength of the library that it sports. It is undeniable that Bootstrap has a very well structured and defined UI library. Not only that but the interesting thing is that he UI library of Bootstrap is continuously growing. It offers some of the most amazing and user friendly list of elements packed.

Broadly speaking, which development framework is ideal for you depends largely on your individual requirements. Before you decide to settle on a final framework, it is important that you sit with your developer and jot down all the things that you are looking for from your website. Based on that, he will offer suggestions regarding your development methodology. Remember to conduct adequate research before you make the decision. Also ensure that your developer has the necessary qualifications needed to handle the project. Be a little careful about the budget. It is easy to get carried away. However make sure that you know exactly what the market rates are and only then move forth.

Top Tips For Making Amazing MultiLingual Website Designs

Multilingual web development has become a necessity for every firm that thinks of growth in future. No one wants to restrict their business to a tiny tea stall. Everyone wants to grow big and to have a huge clientele all over the world. This is why even if the present state of business happens to be small; many entrepreneurs are already going for multilingual web development.

How to design a multi lingual site?

Website designing is a very critical as well as creative field. However, when it comes to Multilingual Website Design, the difficulty is increased manifold. This is because while you were earlier focusing on one particular language speaking group, you will now have to channelize your energies to not one but multiple groups speaking different languages and each having a different social background.

So, how to go about it?

It might seem scary at first but once you have decided to go for it, there is no need to worry. Bear the following tips in mind and you will find it wasn’t so difficult after all!

Research and background analysis

Everything boils down to the simple fact that if you know the background well you will be able to perform in a much better way. So, to initiate with your multi lingual website design you must necessary conduct a thorough research regarding:

Your personal growth plan

The places that you wish to cater to

Where is the concentration of your potential clientele

How many languages do you want to incorporate

How different are the cultural connotations of each of these languages

Once you know the answers to these questions, the rest will be pretty simple.

Picture Oriented site

Because language is posing a problem and sometimes a lot can be lost in translation, incorporate as many pictures as you can on your site. You want your audience to be able to understand you full well. Do not leave any room for ambiguity or doubt which can prove to be a big problem later for both you and your buyer.

However, make sure that your pictures aren’t too heavy. The heavier your site is the more time it will take to open. Also you never know the kind of data speed a customer will be looking up your site in, so do not make it heavy and clumsy.

Do away with music

I do understand that some sites do very well with a back ground score, however, a multi lingual site should stay away from it. You never know what kind of music will the customer like to listen to and there’s no point in forcing him to listen to what you have chosen for him.

If your website is sound oriented and you must have much, make sure that there is an option to turn it up or down so that the customer can choose to shut it off if or low if he doesn’t feel the need for it.

The Intricacies of Bootstrap Theme Design

Bootstrap is one of the most loved frameworks in the world of online development. Web development is a very complicated domain. You have to be careful about a lot of things including things like:

  1. What you want to project to the customers
  2. How you want to do it
  3. What is the singular message that needs to be conveyed
  4. How should the design be

And so on and so forth.

A website literally plays a make or break role in the process of setting up your online identity. This is why it is very important for one to be able to take care of the presentation and the user interface.

Bootstrap Web Development

Choosing the Designs

Since how your website will look will ultimately decide the time spent by the user on the site. Bootstrap web development offers developers the choice of method they want to use in order to create stunning websites. In the most fundamental ways of speaking there are two ways you can design a site:

  1. Build from the beginning: Bootstrap web development often requires completely customized and niche development of website. Some companies that are relatively large in nature and scope need a completely reinvented wheel. This is when building a website from scratch can prove to be a good decision.

  2. Choose from the available themes: if you are a small or a medium sized business owner and do not wish to spend a fortune towards your online identity while trying not to compromise on the quality, well, then Bootstrap Theme Design offers you a catalog of the best themes that you can select from. You can later customize is as per your requirements to ensure that your site is absolutely tailor made even though you did not have to break a sweat for it.

How to decide which is the right one for you?

This can be a tricky question. Sometimes, people find that they aren’t yet ready to spend too much for their websites. This is where picking from a selection of themes makes sense. See, there’s no loss in going through the templates as such. Even if you wish to build a new site right from scratch it wouldn’t hurt to go through the catalog. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon something that is just the right thing for you. And if you don’t, you might get inspired by some other design.

In my opinion, the best way to go about taking this decision is to speak with your developer and discuss the upsides and the downsides of the same. Once you do that, you will be able to appreciate things that you never considered before.

However, in case, you are outsourcing the design part of your site and have hired a free lancer, I would suggest that you log on to some thread and forum of Bootstrap to get the right advice. I am not saying that your developer will lie to you but there is always a scope of greed which can lead for him to misguide you.

Exploring The Downsides of Multilingual Website Development

Beautiful is the world with many cultures and many languages. But this beauty often poses a serious threat to business. Today, the international boundaries have diffused creating a huge market place that entails some sort of uniformity.

Now obviously, the products and services may differ in every location, however, the medium through which one is to explain to others how well their products and services are must have certain sense uniformity.

The Problem of Language

Multilingual WebsiteThe biggest hurdle in the path of any entrepreneur today is not being able to convey their message on the global platform. This is because many people who might be interested in buying your services may or may not have the basic understanding of English.

So, even you have exactly what the other guy wants, you won’t be able to sell to him because he is unable to understand you, and similarly you are unable to understand what he as a customer is looking for.

The Solution

Modern day technology has an answer for every question and a solution for every problem. This is where Multilingual Web Development was born. People deciphered that having a website that could translate itself by detecting the local region where it is being viewed through automatically would solve the problem of lack of comprehension.

So, developers and designers all over the world set forth on the path of multilingual website designing, in order to create fascinating websites that were intelligent and could mold themselves according to the needs of the users.

The Catch

No matter how good things seem to be, there is always a catch. The catch with multilingual website designing is quite literally “lost in translation”. We fail to accept the fact that every language is unique and has certain distinctions from any other even after translation.

So if your website is in English and you have it translated to German word for word, the content might end up being utter nonsense, discouraging more and more buyers rather than convincing them of your credibility.

So, what to do?

Before you get down to writing pompous words about yourself on your website, make sure that you think carefully about how the reconstructed sentence might end up sounding. Have the help of a person who has complete understanding of the language you are planning to translate your website to so that you can refer with him before launching it.

The best way around would be to seek professional help. Professional multilingual website designers have an experience in dealing with cultural connotations and local customer behaviors which can help you in more ways than one.

You must, however, ensure that the company or individual that you have decided to hire has the necessary qualification and skill set because it might end up creating problems for you in the end. After all, it is your image that we are dealing with. As a basic rule of thumb keep more and more images and very generic terms in the content which cannot be offensive in any way towards any culture after translation.

Customizing Bootstrap to Suit your Requirements

Bootstrap web development has gained a decent amount of popularity in the last few years. People have begun understanding the reasons why and how it can help in boosting the revenue generation capabilities of your business.

However, there are still many reasons so as to why many people are scared or even weary of using Bootstrap web development for their online identities. Web designers all over the world will tell you that the major problems with Bootstrap are:

  1. Reusability, Scalability and maintenance

The fact that there are so many issues with the front end HTML semantics directly implies that the reusability of the site suffers a lot. What’s more, it isn’t even very scalable and proves to be extremely difficult with respect to maintenance.

  1. Too many ClassesBootstrap Web Development

Of course what makes the site very flexible also makes it very complicated. Bootstrap encompasses of too many classes. These make it all the more difficult for a developer to work seamlessly on it. It offers a huge scope of confusion amongst other things.

  1. Difficult to incorporate in an already existing set up

In case you want to add all the excellent features offered by bootstrap while you are already in the middle of a project, it becomes extremely difficult to incorporate it. This is because it takes twice as much time in locating and fixing bugs.

  1. Popularity and commonality

Since Bootstrap is so popular almost every one out there is opting for it. It is very flexible and extremely useful in terms of productivity. These are the reasons why more and more people are going for it with every passing day. This means that when your site comes out, you run the risk of it looking just like everyone else’s.

So, is there any other option to turn to?

Well, this is a very difficult question, because although there may be many other frameworks out there which can help you create fabulous sites, none will actually be able to offer you the advantages that are possible with Bootstrap.

Bootstrap theme design

Bootstrap Theme Design offers you the advantage of staying out of all the hassle that involves creating a site from scratch. You can skip all the disadvantages mentioned above and straight away jump on to having a creative and healthy website.

Essentially bootstrap has a huge library of preset design themes that you can chose based upon your personal requirements and business needs. You can get the expertise of designers globally and broaden your vision with respect to all the possibilities that your site can be cast into.

How should you proceed?

The first and foremost rule to any form of successful online presence is adequate research. No matter how qualified your IT team is and how well a developer you have appointed, you must know what you are about to do with your image as an entrepreneur. Make sure that you are doing your best and aren’t making a mistake at any level!