Get out of The Mainstream Route and Enjoy The Simplicity of Ruby on Rails

I had always aspired to build a web application sometime during my study days. I had numerous ideas that flooded by brain and kept my adrenaline rushing to ooze these ideas out into the tech world. Right from those days I knew for sure that I will enter the programming world in the future. Then came the entry of Ruby on Rails. Even during research days for completing my final year paper, I had heard loads of things about Ruby; however, I had never delved into the programming actually.

I somehow embarked into my project with the use of Ruby; knowing nothing about it in the true sense. After passage of some time into the development, I was able to structure my codes, build the relationships between databases and make database custom queries. To my surprise, I had never before been able to understand any new programming language with such ease. I can say that Ruby on Rail programming is simply wonderful. Understanding the programming language altered the way I wrote codes. I quickly realized why people were hyping the language so much. My immediate reaction was to fall in love with Ruby. Its power while doing development projects was enjoyable and was something I had never experienced before, during my initial days into programming.

What exactly is Ruby on Rails (ROR)?

Ruby on Rails is a framework for development of web applications. This is based on the Ruby language. The design of this is done for eliminating loads of drudgery that goes into web application development with the provision of default setting that aids the elimination of configuration code and renders ample utility function sets which make common tasks easy.

Is it a good choice?

As I look back at the years spent in ROR Programing, I wonder whether I made the right choice. One method for answering my query was to consult fellow programmers and tech leads about this. Well, I did exactly that and the results were positive. Almost everyone supported Ruby. When I say this, I like to mention that techies are quite shy to indicate their unhappiness about technological choices. Hence, considering the huge positive response, I will take a average which is still good. This proved that Ruby was quite reasonable.

Did it provide enhanced productivity?

When you ask any Ruby Programmer working on the Rails framework about why they use it, the common reply you will get is to increase productivity. Early indicators I got on this front were from one of my projects that yielded immense improvement in terms of productivity. I again opted to consult fellow programmers in this regards. I especially asked everyone to compare Ruby with mainstream languages such as .Net or Java.

As per programmer tendency, everyone was of the opinion that there cannot be any objective measure for checking the productivity of any language. You can only provide subjective assessments. Overall, the reply was suggestive that Ruby on Rails programming had boosted productivity.

Viability of the platform

All the above queries I put before my colleagues sum up to on major question; was ROR programming viable as a platform for projects. This time the answer was vibrantly “YES.” The gains are positive and this platform allows us as programmers to produce better and responsive software solutions for clients.

Ruby on Rails – A Powerful Alternative to Mainstream Programming Languages

Are you contemplating on using Ruby on Rails for any significant project at hand? Well, chances are that you may need to justify this decision to numerous brutal audiences. These may include your investors, customers and also to those who may have interest in acquiring your business, along with your team, managers and co-workers to name a few. Surprised? Well, my experience says that all such individuals will have a boatload of issues about the use of this technology which has yet to attain the status of being from the mainstream. Hence, if you intend to use this technology, other than something mainstream; such as, .Net or Java, prepare to dance to the tunes of such audiences.

As you are reading this extract, I will assume that you know about the fact that there is a huge fuss about the language of Ruby programming; particularly Rails framework to develop applications for the web. Some individuals; including the technical wizards, view this language as slow, and have concerns regarding it’s scalability and performance. However, there are few like me who are of the opinion that this is the future for programming and not a risky diversion from mainstream.

I started working as a Ruby on Rails Programmer some years ago. I was especially attracted to the pragmatics and soon this language become my preferred choice for scripting. With the passage of time, I started utilizing it for handling majority of productions for different websites.

The grueling debate

However, there is a gap between what clients need to use for their programming purpose and my own liking. The suitability of this language can be evaluated for the projects of clients based on the features accompanied with it. This exactly is what leads to numerous arguments about the disadvantages and advantages of using the Ruby language. This argument is extended on features such as configuration and convention, threads versus processes, dynamic typing, and other such elements. Though such kind of debates are useful, I personally prefer to stay away. Loads of aspects can become difficult to judge and hence, the time spent on discussing technologies that sound better on golf courses and being actually used, results in slowing down the projects of clients. I prefer to make judgments on the basis of experience.

The better option is to keep a track of developers using mainstream platforms and the ones who have tried, or successfully used Ruby on Rails programming. It is a fact that there are various unanswered questions and it is quite early to predict whatever happens later on during the enhancement stages; especially when programming teams change. Some programmers are of the view that lesser tools and dynamic nature of the Ruby platform will create issues, while others feel that Ruby’s simplicity will fill in the gaps. Though the take on the platform differs, I have personal experiences of working on the language to state that it is wonderful.

Ruby is perfect

When I ask myself the question as to whether my productivity has enhanced being a Ruby on Rails programmer, the answer always is positive. This stimulates me to stay with Ruby for my projects. Though chances of Ruby being considered mainstream are bleak, I still consider it as a superior alternative. Overall speaking, the experiences I have gained are enhanced responsiveness, increased productivity and good speed when I consider Ruby programming.

Figuring Out How To Avoid Ruby Mistakes

Being a Ruby on Rails Programmer for the better part of the decade, I have experienced that it happens to be on e of the best frameworks to build your website on. In today’s times, having a website is very important, but creating one and just leaving it idle isn’t going to help. You must ensure that your site is better than other websites from the same domain. This is probably where an ROR developer comes into picture.

Essentially, Ruby is quite easy to work with, but as simple as it may seem to be, it is very easy to go wrong with it. People tend to make the silliest of mistakes while working with Ruby. Ideally I would suggest that you seek the help of a professional ROR developer to create your site, however, even if you do so, its best that you know the snags yourself so that you can hold yourself upright while dealing with it.


The one thing that people tend to mess up with ROR Development is trying to do everything all at once. If you ask any decent Ruby on Rails Programmer he would tell you that Ruby is a difficult language. The more you try to speed things up, the slower it will get you. Take things one at a time and progress slowly, there will be no problem at all.

Recruiting the right candidate

The other big mistake usually made in ruby is recruiting the right candidate. There are many Ruby Developers out there but you would be surprised to know that there are hardly a few that are truly dependable. This is because of the difficulties posed by the intrinsic structure of the language.

Don’t make the mistake of looking up ruby developers’ online and finalizing one without even having a look at their previous record. If you are going for a company that offers these services then you must take a look at the developer they are offering you and please make sure that you check his personal catalog.

What I mean is that the company might have created many stunning websites, but how many of those have been made by your developer? You have to make sure that you know that perfectly.

Money matters

Do not get carried away. Usually Ruby does require a big budget if you are going for a complicated site. Make sure that you conduct thorough research so that you know exactly what you are doing and where all is the scope of over spending.

Ideally you should make a list of the things that you want in your website. You must also discuss with your developer regarding what are your expectations with the site itself. Once you have these things clear, go online and get a general idea of the kind of money that will be involved in making this project. Once you do that stick to it. Some developer might give you other ideas but remember that it is your website and only you are in the position to judge what you can do out of it.

Things to Beware of While Undertaking Ruby Programming

As much as I hate to say this, Ruby Programming is a tough job. I have been a Ruby on Rails programmer for the better part of the decade and yet, there are things about it that make me go crazy.

Any Ruby on rails programmer can tell you one thing and that is, Ruby is one of the best frameworks to build you site on, because it offers you the kind of flexibility that you crave to build a unique and genuine web app or even website. However, unless and until you are absolutely proficient with Ruby, there is not much that you can do with it.

Ruby On Rails

The Biggest Hurdles

There are a few roadblocks that appear from time to time in every developer’s carrier. However, the biggest hurdles posed by Ruby are:


The language itself makes it extremely difficult to work upon. It happens to be an unnecessary speed blocker on your way. It not only slows your overall development process, it also involves your becoming extremely agitated from time to time in order to develop it in the right way.

Sparse Official Document

Considering the complexity of the document, one might think that Ruby has an elaborate document; however, the official core document of Ruby is pretty scanty. What’s more, you might find that there are areas in Ruby that the document also hangs on the verge of being nonexistent.

Doing it the Ruby way

Because the community of Ruby lovers is so thick, it is hardly a surprise when people say that “you ought to do things the Ruby way”. Although in principle, the Ruby way is nothing but the simplest way to find a code to allow an action to be completed, but more often than not, people spend ages only trying to figure out what this way should be, rather than actually going ahead and doing something about the solution.

Linguistic Hassles

In more ways than one, language seems to erect barriers unthinkable. As a general observation, most of the dependable and extraordinary Ruby Programmers don’t happen to speak English. This becomes a very frustrating thing for people who sincerely want to do something great with their site or application but do not speak the language of their developer.

It basically hinders effective communication and a lot is lost in translation, thereby making it more and more difficult to reduce or eliminate the boundaries between the developer’s output and the business owner’s expectations.

Although all these problems are such that can be overcome by hiring a good guy with the right expertise and resources, locating one can prove to be a challenge. If you really wish to make it big with your website, make sure that you have done thorough research with respect to the language and are well aware of its pros and cons. It would be a wise idea to find someone who can actually give you professional advice on the same.

The Best Websites Built on Ruby

Ruby on rails is quite popular amongst business owners of small or medium size. However, today, with the kind of flexibility it offers, it does not come as a surprise that Ruby has become the backbone for some of the world’s most used websites.

We have seen that for the most part, PHP has staked its claim over the web development territory. However, ROR programming has now slowly and yet steadily started inching towards the throne. Essentially, if you Hire ROR Developer with the right attitude and skills, then there is no doubt about the success of your online identity.

Following is a list of the best websites that have been built using Ruby and their nature and scope.


Scribd is a fantastic website that allows users to read and share literary content of any nature. So, if you have made a project on the Hamlet and people have loved it, Scribd will allow you to upload the same, so that someone else can draw inspiration from it. It has various features such as reading modes and page layout for the user’s convenience.

ROR Web Development


Missed an episode of your favourite series? Well, there’s no problem at all! Just log on to and see everything that you ever wanted to on TV. Hulu too is built using ROR Programming and is an excellent example of a simple and user friendly website.


Crunchbase is a website that offers database regarding technological companies, inventors and employees that is visible to everyone and can be edited from time to time. Here you can easily access database and statistics of huge companies like Facebook and YouTube to identify what is going on in there and it’s concurrent effect on the market.


This is a fairly popular website. Slideshare basically operates with the fundamental principle of allowing people to share and use slideshows to educate or learn and even promote their business all over the world. With Slideshare you can discuss any form of agenda with the global audience through the medium of slides.

Zen desk

If you were losing out on business because you could not give the right customer support when they needed it, then you must use Zen desk. This amazing website built on Ruby offers a web based help desk kind of software within built self service customer support system and a support ticket system which allows you to offer unbeatable service to increase the repeat value of your customers.

Yellow Pages

There is absolutely no need to explain what yellow pages does because people have been using it since the dawn of the last decade. What we can tell you is, it’s built on Ruby!

Bleacher Report

I really don’t know why the site is named so, but this one is an amazing website in terms of look and feel. This is a website built on Rails that enables users to share content (text or otherwise) for the benefit of others. You want to share some interesting report or article or even a creative slideshow, well, you have found the place!

Crazy but Correct – Top Tips on Hiring Ruby Right

Ruby on Rails programming, or simply Rails is probably the most sought after technological platform by people today. Earlier, people did not have a lot of interest in how the realms of technology functioned, however, today, with the importance of digitization; it has become inevitable to seek the help of developers.

Today, Individuals know more about technology than they would previously. What i mean is that maybe, five years ago, a multi millionaire producer of fabric did not know what went on n creating his website, but today, he would pay a lot of attention in identifying which technology can be used to make his web presence better because it contributes in a huge way in increasing your revenues.

Need for Recruitment

Any organisation of a decent size realises that it is of critical importance to hire the right candidates. Especially for a technology like Ruby On Rails Programming, it is evident that finding the right candidate can be a herculean task.

This is because owing to the popularity of these frameworks, the concurrent demand for the developers has increased immensely. So every time you recruit someone, chances are that you have fought for him already.

This is why hiring in the right way is of critical significance. Following is a list of tips that can help you find the most suitable ROR developer. These tips may sound crazy but are absolutely effective. They are:

Ruby On Rails

Forget Portals, Use the Feet

Of course, the internet has been designed to help you make the most of your time. It is definitely easy to quickly look up any online portal and find resumes, but trust me; it isn’t as effective as you would hope for it to be.

The best way to go about it is to get on your feet and start asking around for people who have had an experience in employing an ROR Developer previously. Take their numbers, approach them, scan their work and then decide for yourself.

Poach it out

Unethical as it may sound, the most effective way to get the right talent at your doorstep is to poach a qualified and experienced developer. That way, you don’t have to bother about paying agents and you are also certain about the quality of the work.

Blogging is a must

Try to look for an ROR develop who has a blog. It is not as if, if he doesn’t blog he isn’t good, but for the most part, a Ruby developer, usually writes blogs on ruby. It shows his interest and his comfort with the particular framework.

Budget Control

Make sure that you know the ongoing rates in the market for the services that you require. A good amount of research and asking around can help you in a great way. You must make sure that your developer has asked for more or less similar prices than others. If he charges too much, he’s just robbing you, but if he is charging too less, it’s probably because he isn’t as good as he claims to be!

What Makes me Love Ruby!

Being in the field of technology and web development for over a decade, I can proudly say that I do have a certain level of knowledge regarding programming like a dog knows its way back home. As a child I would love to play little treasure hunt games and both my parents being IT professionals always coded their little hints on tiny chits that I had to search.

I know it for a fact that it is those formative years that have ingrained this sense of satisfaction in me, when it comes to writing programs and codes, creating my own treasure trove. I love development and I absolutely adore Ruby programming because it makes development an easy peesy task for me.Ruby on Rails

Top reasons for the love

My love affair with ROR Development in my green and salad days as a Ruby Programmer. I learnt that there were many things that made Ruby a great tool for developers all over the world. The top reasons are:

 Dynamic Typing

If your ultimate aim is to get your pages successfully bootstrapped and even out all the modifications that you must make during the early stages of development, then a dynamic typing offers you the best flexibility.

Although static type languages also have their own advantages but when you start ROR Development, you will come to realize how easy dynamic typing makes your task. It makes sure that you are not required to design and form a formal interface in order to implement new objects. It also helps you t swap out a class for another very easily.

Remarkable Modules

As a ruby programmer, you will easily be able to identify that it offers some great features like the ‘traits’ of scale, squeak and Perl. Basically, these modules that Ruby offers enable one to add new elements of the class hierarchy at runtime in a much easier and more effective and fruitful way.

The use of super too can be evaluated at the runtime which will again help you to consider and appreciate any modules that may be added to make it easy for an extension of functionality on a super class multiple times (as per requirement) without any restrictions.

Apart from all this, Ruby modules also offer the life-cycle feature of hooks append_features and included. This effectively makes it feasible to exploit these modules to their fullest capacity so that extensions can be isolated and distinguished from one another and the classes can be extended based on their features.

Enthusiastic community

In the digital world, you can accomplish just about anything if you have the right kind of user community. Ruby has an extensive user community that is not only knowledgeable but also very positive, extremely supportive and absolutely enthusiastic.

I don’t wish to demean anyone else, but I doubt if there is any other language community online that responds as fast as veteran ruby users do. They are very passionate about whatevers happening in this field and leave not stone unturned to contribute to its success and popularity.

The Tough Side of ROR Programming

Ruby on Rails has made a name for itself in the last few years owing to its innumerable advantages and service offerings. Many entrepreneurs who have recently entered the industry are all excited to have their web presence acknowledged and knowing the kind of technological advancements being made in the industry most people seek skilled Ruby on Rails Programmers.

However, one thing that people have to understand is that ROR isn’t all that simple. It is a beautiful yet complicated world of technicalities and coding which has to be dealt with, with special attention and care.

Having said that, the herculean task of creating stunning websites with a bunch of codes is given to the developers who try to juggle between client requirements and virtual possibilities to ensure that the outcome gets a positive response.

Why is it so difficult?

There is no doubt about the fact that ROR Programming entails precision and for that a very skilfully interlaced code has to be put forth. ROR is a wonderful application to be used with Ruby but is generally used as a programming language.

This is why it poses difficulty in terms of scalability. Ruby is essentially more resource hungry than its other counterparts including PHP and Java. This leads to a critical crisis for people who aren’t too comfortable with the language itself.

The problem of libraries

Another predominant problem with Ruby is that Ruby on rails has a comparatively smaller object library which affects the overall functionality of the final product. So if you have an enormous concept in your heads, it will be a little difficult for the programmer to actually execute it.

For other languages like PHP or Java it isn’t that much of a trouble owing to the huge library which acts as a total best friend for the developer. I personally don’t find it to be an issue but it does bite from time to time.

The silver lining

You surely know that in spite of so many hindrances, it still proves to be one of the most popular development languages in the present day and age because of the kind of flexibility it offers. Basically, what I am saying here is that in the digital world today, nothing is absolutely flawless, but with a little effort it can take your website to newer heights.

When it comes to an online business or even just the web presence for your existing business, you can be absolutely confident that with the help of the right ROR development company there is no way you can be stopped from achieving the ultimate success.

However, make sure that you have done adequate research before you enter into this world. Although you don’t have to do anything yourself, but if you know what is about to happen and other such details regarding the technology itself, no one will be able to con you!

Rails or Django: Who to Bet your Money on?

You know the feeling when no matter what you get; you are always thirsty for something better? Well, the whole concept of technology is very similar to that. I remember that every time I would buy a gadget for myself, the next day would launch a better and cheaper version for the same. I so wish I could strangle Mr. Murphy (if you know what I mean).

So, the other day I met a client who said he wanted me to develop his web app in Django. I began my work on it and just the next day he called to say that he thought better of Ruby programming, so I should switch to that. I agreed with him and changed over.

Finally, he called me again because he still couldn’t make his mind up. So if you have a similar confusion, this blog is just the one for you. Each has its own advantages, but it is best to match it with the kind of app you are specifically looking at. This blog will help you find out which one is the best for you.

Why What How?

Okay, let me warn you beforehand that being a Ruby on Rails Programmer since about half a decade, I have a little bias towards it. However, here I only state facts so don’t mind so much!

The difference

The first thing to keep in mind is that these two have a very different structure. But, of my experience I can tell you that Ruby Programming is made with using just a single command line entry. This makes it a little intuitive.


The extensive community and documentation of ROR makes it very usable. Also, the kinds of changes that have come about in ROR are only to make it advanced. Django too has a very good documentation, but the user community is not that wide. This makes it a little difficult to understand.

Also the difference between the versions of Django is quite huge. Also the file structure is also pretty unclear or not so obvious. The folders in Django must be manually added, this means you have to put a lot of faith in the user to understand what you are trying to do. This might be difficult in terms of usability.

The name is cool

I know it’s funny, but Ruby sounds so cool! Unlike Django, which in my opinion sounds pretty difficult on the whole? However, Ruby Gems can do a great deal for you by itself. You have to follow the given instructions pretty clearly so that it can take its own path.


Jokes apart, I have been experienced in Ruby for quite some time so I can tell you that it seems to be the easier way for me. However, I know so many people who prefer to use Django for development. If you wish to start off on your own web development or application development, then you must do some research on your own about what you want and how you would like for it to be. Seek some professional advice if need be!

What’s the New Gossip around Ruby?

The shiny red stone has truly attracted many since eons. However, this little gem has made its own name in the field of computer technology as well. Strange, only a few years back, only the rich and wealthy could flaunt a computer or even a mobile. But today, everyone has a mobile or laptop. Business is heavily dependent on the way one can use technology.

Ruby On Rails is an amazing framework that has been responsible for the profitability of many an entrepreneurs. Being in this industry for a little over a decade, I can bet my knowledge that no matter what you think is the latest technology, there will always be something that comes along to beat it.

So the best way to stay abreast with technology is to continue sifting in the field without any hesitation for so long as you can. How to do that, you ask? Well, the simplest way to do this is by doing relentless research.

How it helps

I know I’ve probably been blabbering about the research thingy for as long as I can remember, but it breaks my heart to see so many people knowingly causing their pitfalls in the business because of the simple lack of research.

You must first categorize and identify your own standing in the industry with two specific standpoints:

  1. Where your actual business lies with respect to competition
  2. How is your online identity as compared to others in the same business

Once you have a clear understanding of both these parameters, there is absolutely no way that you can go wrong.

The Bazinga! Moments

Well, as Sheldon Cooper can tell you, there will be times when you will come across a few Bazinga moments while undertaking your web identity. Although it may seem to be a very good idea, it is best to consult with your Ruby Programmers before you can carry it out.

I ask you to seek professional advice not because I undermine your strengths but only because a professional has a much better idea with respect to trending features of the target audience. You may be right about most of the things but it wouldn’t hurt to get a second (more professional) opinion.

Ruby on Rails

Any Rails developer can list the biggest advantages of using Ruby for your web presence. However, it would be best if you yourself knew exactly what you will get when you pay for it.

The latest features:

The latest buzz around rails has been how simple it is. Initially ROR was considered to be one of the more difficult development frameworks however, the latest version has fully focused on creating simple changes to make it ever more user friendly.

The Russian Doll

The new version has grown to be my favorite because it helps you make the Russian doll caching so simple. I mean really, you have to try it to believe it! The key based expiration with its automatic dependency management is set to blow your minds.

Application Processes

It helps you in making you unilateral app in to an individual page of JavaScript application with special regards to speed. The best thing is you can get all this minus the developmental shortcomings.