All about Google Glass and Google Glass Apps Development

With continuous research and development in technology all over the world, it is natural that there are new inventions in regular intervals. Then people all over the world continue the discussion about the good and bad effects of new technology and it should be used or not. For business men all over the world, it is an opportunity for doing a little more, reaching out the customers a little further and goes to another level.  But, it is not very easy to use each new technology and device for the business. As most of the people does not know about the gadget and what it can do. Also how to get best benefits from the gadget. So, it becomes more difficult for the people to use it as the businessman or the customers. One of such gadgets today in the market is Google Glass.

About Google Glass

This is one of the latest technologies in the market which have lot of innovative features which are futuristic and stunning. But, it is not so easy to use today as it is completely unique. The display of this gadget is different and also the control buttons. Due to these issues, the Google Glass is very difficult to use just for any purpose.

As the name suggests, the Google Glass can be broadly defined as a wearable computer which can be mounted on the eyes like you wear any other type of normal sunglasses. But, it has lot of features which can innovative. Due to these characteristics, the client has do thorough research when he or she makes decision to authorize Google Glass Web Development for the products and services of the company. Also, he or she should check the valid resources which are available online for comprehensive information.

Google Glasses

Why to do Google Glass Apps Development

The device and technology of Google Glass is completely difference from various earlier devices such as mobile, smartphone, desktop and laptop computers etc. So, the technology for the right operation and display is completely different from the others. Also, with the glass the output is completely different from the others.

So, it is necessary when the client makes the decision about Google glass app, the technology for Google Glass Apps Development is completely different from the others and require specialists like others for the best result.

Looking for best resource for Google Glass Web Development

As the technology is becoming more and more popular with people around the world, you can find lot of Google Glass web development companies in the market. As the client naturally would like the best company for making their app, it is difficult to find the best resource for the project.

The best way to choose the best company in this field is to check whether they possess that device. The companies who are using Google emulator for making app are making assumptions about the suitability of the app for this device.

If you choose some company which has Google Glass, the app developer will be able to create the perfect app and test it from every angle on the device itself and improve the defects. You also need to hire the developer who has worked with you before and know your requirement without saying. He and she also will be able to show you the results before launching app in the market.

Some Notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

Since some years, when Google announced the Google Glass technology, more and more people are becoming aware about this futuristic technology in the market. But, there are still only some people who are completely aware about this technology and the extent of its use for the benefit of the companies and the customers. Most of the people are not still aware about this technology and Google Glass Application Development which is being done by increasing number of people.

Google Glass Application

Some notions about Google Glass and Google Glass Application Development

1. Some myths which are circulated in society

There are many myths which are being circulated in society such as omnipotent nature. It is agreed by the experts that Google Glass is an innovative technology which promotes wearable computers. As per the enthusiasts this is like sci-fi device in Sci-Fi books and movies come true.

2. Some reviews in magazines as well as online

The reviews done by Google Glass programmers are extremely positive while some person has written negative reviews. Most of the reviews are written by people who have been very much impressed with the functionality of the device. As per them, it has become very easy to remain in contact of the world from anywhere.

3. Misconceptions due to lack of mass marketing

Most of the people who have given negative reviews about this product online or in magazines as they does not have any direct impression of the product. This is due to the fact that this product has not been marketed in mass market unlike the other products. The company which has developed this product is bringing it out in various stages. Today, there are some app development companies and Google Glass programmers actually own the device.

4. The development of Google Glass applications for business

It is a known fact that when there is an advent of any technology in the market, it becomes a little easy to build an application for that technology device. There are lots of countries in the world where the Google Glass Programmers have not seen the technology or device but already have developed several Google Glass apps which are being offered to the customers.

When any application is being built for commercial use in market, the basic fact is to understand the application effect on the audience who is using the device for which the application has been built.

Before this, most of the companies have already built apps for blackberry phone when it was new. When iPhone were offered in market, most of the companies made decision about building apps for that particular phone. There were some general apps which were built so that they could be implemented at any android phone.

As android phones became very popular all over the world, the apps which were built by app development teams were designed to be used on any platform effectively.

But, Google Glass is a completely new technology, as it is start of wearable computer technology.

How to choose the best option for Google Glass app development

As the technology of app development for Google Glass is completely different from android device, you have to search for the best company which has the device as well experienced Google Glass app developers. These are the people who have the device, know about how to wear it and have designed complete apps in previous projects.

Some Criteria’s to make the Success of the Google Glass Apps

With the continuous research and development in technologies, it is given that new devices will be discovered which are advanced versions of the current devices in the market. Their function is versatile and easy than the previous devices. Due to this, most of the application developers love to work with the latest as well as challenging technology. One of the latest such technologies are known as the Google Glass which is a wearable device. There are many application developers who found a bright future in doing Google Glass Application Development.

As more and more companies are making decision about developing Google Glass apps for their companies, they are hiring the Google Glass Programmer especially for the project. Due to this, the demand for apps development has increase by leaps and bounds.

As this is a very recent development, the requirement and market for Google Glass Application Development is just starting and so is the demand for the apps developers. But, it is now clear that the potential market for the apps development is very big and is going to increase further in the future.

Google Glass App Development

When the Google Glass Programmer is developing these apps for the companies all over the world, they need to keep some criteria’s in their mind to make the success of the product.

Some criteria’s to make the success of the Google Glass apps

 1. Easy to use

The main concept of the Google glass is the augmented reality. When the apps developer is developing the program, he needs to keep in mind that the technology and the use of the product are completely different from the mobiles and the tablets. Also it is fact that the users want variety. The developer should also remember that the Google Glass is going to be just some inches from the human eyes and they should not make any app which will tire the eyes after only sometime. They also need to make sure that the app has been tested extensively before launching it in the market.

2. Acing the test

When you launch any Google Glass app in the market, you ensure that it has real time integration but you also need to make sure that it doesn’t cause any issue for the user. The app should avoid unnecessary information such as any notifications, advertisements or irrelevant information when the user is busy in some other work.

But, the app should be able to notify user about the necessary and important information such as prices in share market where the difference of minutes can cause a great profit or loss. At such time, the app should be able react quickly by giving notifications.

The main goal of Google Glass apps should be to notify the owner about the latest information which is important for him in any case whether it is a financial matter or others. While developing the app, the developer should keep these criteria’s in his or her mind if he or she wants to create a successful app for the benefit of the customers.

Why buy Google Glass?

The Google glass is a new piece of technology which will revolutionized the technology market once it is launched. It is an eye wear which is simultaneously a computer. You get a visual screen albeit a bit small. But it gets the job done for the most part. It is very handy and efficient. That is the main principle which the invention works on. It can be used while in the daily commute to surf the internet or even go about your daily business with the wonderful apps that are coming out. These apps provide amazing features which will make your Google Glass experience even more enjoyable to boot. The Google Glass Apps Development is a sector which focuses solely on developing different apps for Google glass. They designers work to create simple apps which you may find on the android market and make those apps usable in Google Glass. The apps which are made are in no way easy. Even if the programming is easy the amount of work you have to put in the designing aspect is tremendous. But with time the apps are growing with the help of the Google Glass Apps Development teams and users will have a good market to choose from once the Google Glass is launched.

Google Glass

How is it helpful

The usage these Google Glass will provide are immense and will leave you stunned. These apps are surely the new age of technological brilliance. You get amazing features which will leave you gawking. From translation apps, to music reader, from maps to amazing travel guides. It’s like your very own assistance with your exact specifications. With a multitude of people wearing smart watches and fitness bands it’s no wonder that wearable technology is the new thing. With the Google glass you get every aspect of the previous gadgets in one complete package. You can browse the internet; monitor your health, reading presentations on the go etc. The uses of these glasses are numerous. It is a booming thing in the corporate world too. The Google Glasses Designer has work cut out in front of them as they have taken on one of the most daunting task of the century with this product.

Wonderful apps on the go

Don’t you ever wonder how easy things would be if you had a market of apps with you whenever you are on the road. And you also didn’t have to fumble around with a smart phone keeping your hands free? That is what you will get when the Google Glass comes out. Not only does it act like a futuristic computer which provides you with everything right in front of your eye it also doesn’t make you feel irritated when you use it. The idea of getting everything right at your vision line is very appealing. The massive amounts of ideas the Google Glasses Designer are working with will prove very beneficial when you try these glasses out when they hit the market.

Price point

The price of this glass may be a bit high when it gets released. But with demands it will lower down. It is probably the second biggest invention to the laptop. Welcome yourself to the new age of computers with this fantastic eyewear which will make your daily life so much simpler. It’s a must have for anyone interested in technology.

What is there in a Google Glass App?

For anyone who is familiar with the idea of Google glass they know what a great leap it is in the technology world. Not only does it open us up to wonderful ideas but the landscape of computers will change drastically once these glasses hit the market. The simplicity f the design and the efficiency these glasses will provide are mind boggling and it will make daily commute through the internet a refreshing experience. Google glass is an eye wear which can be worn when the user feels like it and it acts like a computer. It works in the same way with every feature available. Think of it as a piece of eye wear from those sci-fi movies you watched as a kid. It’s a revolutionary idea which is still over development and once it is completed it will be a massive hit. There are a few factors which come to the app development when you first start. For instance the limited screen size requires the app to be drop dead simple and to the point. This will help in using the app in a smooth manner and won’t look cluttered. The Google Glasses Application Development team has worked wonders into creating new apps and designs.

Google Glass App Development

Designing the apps

It’s not a hard idea to come up with the idea of an app. Even building the app is not that hard, with the right ideas and effort that is possible. The tricky part is incorporating the designs and paradigms into the app. It is built for a different type of screen or a device so the previous ideas will not work which were hits for smart phones and tablets. The apps need to be crisp and to the point. With efficiency that will make the user feel glad that he is using Google Glass. The Google Glasses Application Development teams need to keep one thing in mind that is they must not design an app which gets in the way. The app has to be made in a simple way and must be direct regarding its usage. Also honesty about the intention of the app is needed. This will help in the user knowing which app to use and which not. For instance Unispeech is an app which translates conversations in near real time from different languages. This is a great app which will help out in so many ways. The idea is simple but the design and efficiency of the app is what makes it truly great.

The new age of apps

The Google Glasses Developer must have an open head and willing to work on new areas of design and usage when creating apps for Google Glass. This helps in getting the best out of the apps. No one wants an app which is not exactly what it proclaims and something which doesn’t look and seem efficient. That is the principle factor every Google Glasses Developer must keep in mind. The Google glass interface is being challenged and surely within a short amount of time there will be a booming market for Google glass apps. It’s a wonderful piece of technology which will create heads turn hen it hits the market. Not only is it a revolutionary idea but when it is produced it will be one of the most efficient ways of browsing the internet, only time will tell where it leads to.

Tips to Hire a Professional Google Glassware Developer

Google Glasses can make you the smartest kid in the park! Well, we cannot yet foresee our future but we certainly can hope to SEE everything that is happening around us! This is a technology that will bring the world in front of our eyes, literally. Google Glasses relies on the huge amount of data available on the internet and several smart applications that have been developed to trendy hardware come alive. While almost everyone would love to have a Google Glass, entrepreneurs looking to reap maximum benefits from the platform need to Hire Google Glass App Developers who are best in the job.

While the new technology is almost like future placed in front of our eyes, now many have been able to get access to it. There are many who have just read about it on the internet but have been able to get a physical feel of the device. Striking so, this category also includes most developers who are promising entrepreneurs and businesses the best Google Applications. However, it will just like an Android developer who has never used a smart phone!

Technologies such as Google Glass bring more speculations than promises. Understanding requires thorough research and better, a firsthand feel of the product. Google Glasses App Developmentis lot different from the everyday apps we use in smart phone. The interaction with the hardware is different and moreover, users of Google Glass need a standardized product if not unique.

Hire Google Glass Developers

How to Hire Google Glass App Developers

If you are really looking to make a mark with your glassware investment, go for a developer who is absolutely sure of what his design is intended to do. Better, ask him to actually prove that he has the device and can run the first tests of your app! Several companies and individuals have managed to buy a Google Glass for the limited period that it was offered and the buyers include several developers and development companies. It will always be good to rely on a developer who knows the practical essence of the technology.

Next, go for developers who have sufficient experience with the Glass development tool kit. Experience counts when it comes to a complicated technologies such as Google Glass. The process is unlike any other development or programming with more focus on the software – hardware interaction.

The third and final most important thing you should ensure is that the developer already has some live apps present in the Glassware store. Google Glasses App Development requires the developer to be innovative, quirky and highly informative of the challenges.

Google Glassware has been turning some developers into millionaires! Since it is a new technology, every developer is trying to put his/her name on the store but it is actually a very difficult process. Investing in a less knowledgeable developer will only ensure that your money goes waste and no one bothers to download the app. It is also important to understand here that the market you are targeting with Google Glassware is highly sophisticated and informed. Don’t try to cheat!

Recommended Apps for Google Glass

Technology has developed to the extent that looking at things (we usually would have no idea about are), we get to know each and every detail on it. If you are informed enough, we are talking about the innovative Google Glass technology. The first super computer has today transformed into a little eye piece that you can comfortably wear around and look good with. Factors like weight, size, space and capabilities have been heavily worked upon and we have the concept of wearable technology. Google Glass, one can say is beyond being innovative – it’s exceptional.

Google Glass

Now, what is Google Glass meant for? While it is strictly restricted to American citizens for the time being, the technology as such has been sending waves across the globe and subsequently has been offering marketers a unique platform to showcase their presence. From entertainment to utility, Google Glass facilitates all kinds of apps. But what have the owners been looking for?

Shopping apps

Google Glass Web Development can take online shopping to a whole new level. The shopping apps that have been rising in popularity include live feed features that let the possible shopper compare price differences across marketplaces. Locally, the eye wear will also be able to guide you to all the possible retail stores that keep the product the shopper is looking for. And be rest assured that a Google Glass owner will not be using the technology to shop for shampoos! Marketers in the luxury niche have a competitive advantage with Google Glassware.


Now this is seriously amazing. If you are meeting your (potential) partner for the first time, wearing this glass will present you with all the details of the person present in front of you. You have his/her name, profession, hobbies, education background, interests, addresses and even telephone numbers if she has permitted it on related websites. Impressing and taking the conversation ahead could be so easy with Google Glass! Not only information, Google Glassware for dating will even identify pupil dilations, tonal intensity and body language of your date and give you feedback whether he/she is interested or not!

Fitness apps

While fitness has been highly supported by technology lately, Google Glass web development can take it to a whole new level. You will have suggestions for exercises, diet, sleep and everything that will keep your body and mind in perfect shape.

Lie detector

A lie detector can be a highly beneficial tool regardless of your line of work. Be it a student or a teacher, doctor or a patient. A common man or a high class executive, lie detectors will make your life easier in realizing the type of people you deal with. It can even be a huge asset if you are into any kind of business.


With Google Glassware, you literally see the road ahead. There is no need to feed data into the smart phone – just speak up your destination and you will instantly know which way to go and how long will it take! Feel like James Bond already!

Uncover the left over Applications of Google Glass

Voice triggered technologies have received immense response from the mob. Google glass has proved to be a very revolutionary and advanced form of the technology, which has an inevitably bright future. The device is really a smart one owing to its activities and responses which are invoked simply by the voice. As effective the features of the glassware are, equally eye catchy its look is. The glassware, which resembles any normal human wearable glasses, has exceptionally great number of functionalities.

New horizons are discovered and the glass is used in many fields like medical, astronomy, weather forecasting and so on. Even the developers are desperately involved in locating many more applications that can work better using the glassware. Incontrovertibly, the glass has proved extremely helpful in much delicate stuff like surgery. But, we should not forget to thank the developers. It is the contribution of the Google Glasses Applications Development that we are able to get the apps which actually makes the glass on the go. As a developer, how to hit upon the areas, where the glass can prove immensely helpful? Here are some considerations:

  • Sparse apps:

At your ease, you can ponder upon the fields where the apps have not gained much exposure. Just see from the eyes of any normal user and brood over, that which apps can prove helpful in this field. You can even see the applications which are there in the touch sensitive devices like smart phones and replicate that application into the Google glass app design.

  • Confer with veterans:

Every field has some experienced people who have a deep knowledge in their field. You can have a quality talk with such people and retrieve that what technological advancements can be done to uplift their fields. Technologies have a lot of impact in each and every field. So try to extract what Google glass can contribute in their field. On the contrary, even you can explain them with abstraction about the working of the glassware. It is possible that they can give you hints to discover various apps that can prove helpful in the field.

  • Keep your mind open:

Yes, many of the discoveries are unintentional. Many times, while roaming around some places, chatting with friends or relatives or while developing, you may strike with some applications which may be untouched or have got little glance. So, don’t miss such an opportunity and put your idea into implementation through Google glasses applications development.

Somehow it is easy to develop quite out of box applications in different fields. But, you have to work smartly and think beyond your imagination to extract such fields. Of course, it is a challenging thing to do, but equally it is immensely interesting thing to accomplish. Doing different things and something which has not got so much research is probably most stimulating thing to do. Believe me, if you have analyzed it well and have developed just exceptional way, you will automatically reach at your zenith. The thing you need to do is a quality dedication. All the Best for developing the best Google glass app design!

3 Prongs for Better Glass App Development

Some years back, to own a computer was worth a proud and now days, the mobile phones have become almost the necessity of life and most of the people own their own, isn’t it? This shows, at what level the technology has advanced. Of course, there is no pinnacle point for the technological advancement. The evolution of the technology seems like a never ending process. One of the most popular technical devices of current time, the Google glass, is again a great invention from Google. The main reason for the popularity of this device is its wearable property, which gives the user freedom from swiping, touch and other touch gestures, which are traditionally used to run different types of computers. The device is also very handy and light weighted. All the functionalities of the glass takes place owing to the chip used, which is placed beneath the frame. But to get varieties of utilities like games and other stuffs, you are required to have the corresponding apps. Google glasses application development helps us to get the apps. Google glass apps development includes many things like prior analysis, converting the analysis to actual implementation and proper testing. If all these steps are carried out properly, your app will become indeed worth and people would love to download and use it.

1.      Prior Analysis:
In any software development, it is very important to spend quality time with your team, just for analysis. This is because, analysis helps you extract many important points of the app, you are about to create. It has happened many times that during analysis, due to the inclusion of so many powerful minds, there reveal many important feature which otherwise would have just concealed. Analysis can be in various forms like mock ups, analytical representations and so on. It is for this reason that Google Glass Apps Development should be done by keeping in mind proper analysis as a pre-requirement.

2.      Coding:
It is at this place, where you can decipher, how well you have worked on the analysis part. If you have done proper analysis, you can have a very good coding standard. This is because through analysis you can get rid of code redundancies, bugs to great extent. This has many advantages like your app size can be decreased to great extent, without compromising the quality of the app. Other important thing to remember while coding is to optimize the coding and take into consideration various time and space complexities related issues.

3.      Testing:
As the competition has increased to great extent, it has become very important that your app must be bug-free as much as possible. For this, it is very important to test the app properly and with all possible test cases. I have seen many developers who skip this step and then repent, when the bugs are issued by the users, which depletes the popularity of their apps.

In short, though for many people, coding is the main part of the Google glasses application development, I would suggest giving equal importance to all the three points, to make a better app.

Create Ordinary App Peerlessly!

We have seen the evolution of the computers with the time. The computers at their inception and the computers (in fact the types of computers) now have a huge difference in terms of size, capacity and the reliability, The main change is seen in the terms of the size. Some couple of years back, the computers occupied huge space and now they have just become immense mobile and light weighted; the best example comprising of the laptops, palmtops, tablets, smart phones and the most recent one, the wearable devices. Google has come with one of the most astounding invention with The Google Glass, a wearable device. The wearable technology has got immense demand owing to its hands-free feature. You can use the computers without frequent touches; just give a voice command and your work is done.

Google Glass

To make the maximum use of the glass, it is very important to install the relevant apps. This has flourished the Google Glass Application Development market. Many companies are plunging into the development of the apps and have succeeded to great extent. More and more users are buying the glass and hence it is obvious that they will need the apps to make it run. The companies engaged with the Google Glass Application Development have to undergo some research and analysis prior to making the apps.

  • Research it well:

Research may be with respect to two perspectives. The first one is to be aware that what type of apps are in demand or will be in high need in the future. The second perspective is undergoing profound in the research that if the app which resembles in one or the other way to the one you are going to make, decipher how you can make it better than the already existing app.

  • Undergo proper analysis

Once you are aware about the kind of app you are going to create, just think in profound that how you can make the app the most appealing and fully fledged. You can take the help of various analysis tools like mock ups. Also the look and feel part of the app matters a lot. Many times it is seen that out of the similar apps, the app with better GUI and color combinations is more prone to be used by the users. Also coding standard of the app matters a lot. If you have incorporated good coding strategies, it will be reflected as size and will be less error prone. You can insist using the reusable codes. If you have used some plug-in in your app, go for the lighter version of the same. Hence when you Hire Google Glass Developers, take care that they are aware about such concepts. Hiring goggle glass developers is very important if you want to go for good number of apps done and have more assignments.

On the whole, while developing the glass apps, just try to think out of box and try to accomplish the ordinary thing in the exceptional way!