Living Longer with Google Calico

The human life has expanded in many ways. People have bettered their standard of living, students have a higher standard of education these days, and people are morally better off and so on and so forth. Naturally, everyone is sweating their asses of in order to make the most of the resources available and to ensure a bright future for their coming generations.

However, in spite of everything, we have been reduced to a mechanical force that is constantly running around to get things done. Jobs have become strenuous and happiness expensive. This is probably why even though medical sciences have advanced so much, a general human life expectancy is still a topic for concern.

What does the world need?

In terms of technology, Google has always been available like a multi headed monster, trying to cope with various different agendas while still behaving excellently at its core process that is, searching for database.

However, I don’t think people ever thought of Google entering the health industry. But surprise, surprise! Here we have Google creating Calico in association with other firms asserting that with the help of Calico (the company); they will attempt to find a cure to cancer from the enormous pool of database in the cloud.

If it works, it could increase the life expectancy of man by many years. Diseases like Cancer have threatened human life since a very long time and Google Calico is supposed to help us out live longer.

The Page Belief

Larry Page delivered a speech about Calico, the other day. He tried to explain why they had started off with this venture and what they aimed at achieving with it. Google Calico is almost like a gift from the fortune 500 companies, to us humbler livers.

He sure did sound very enthusiastic, because he kept saying that if one was to really put their mind to something, there was no way he wouldn’t be able to find a solution. Basically, he means that if there was the right technological algorithm for anything in this world, it would work out perfectly.

The charms of immortality

I was watching this series called Castle the a few years back and a particular episode keeps coming back to me. The Ambrosia project. It was something to do with preserving the human brain even after the death of the individual, in the hopes of resurrecting him to immortality. I know it sounds farfetched, but the series had depicted it in such a scientific way!

Google Calico project reminds me of that. Somehow the idea of living more or staying youthful forever has been terrifyingly appealing to the humans for a very long time. As early as the Egyptian civilization too, was all into researching the secrets of living longer.

How far is Google Calico?

Well, the sad truth is that although the claims have been high, Calico is neither near the solution nor has any idea about how to increase the human lifespan. But I am sure, they will do it soon enough!