Enjoying the spirit of Holidays @ eSiteWorld!

Who doesn’t love a fun filled holiday. Regardless of your age everyone wants a little present on Christmas. We at eSiteWorld love our employees and wish to give them every happiness that we can. Keeping in tune with the spirit of Christmas, we added a little jazz to the otherwise mundane IT life.

eSiteWorld celebrated a Working Christmas Fiesta. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and so, adding a little colour to our atmosphere, we all decided to have fun together. Since our team is extremely creative they all started off with decorating the office just like little Bethlehem!

As if on cue that it wasn’t enough, we decided to put in more fun by dressing up alike! We decorated office and laid down Christmas colour themes for everyday so that entering office would make everyone smile! Takes off the pressure you know!

Entrance of eSiteWorld

Shining star of eSiteWorld

Since Santa loves Red and White, our Christmas attire too was akin. We wore the Red and white combination and looked our best. Most of us never even dreamt of wearing a Red shirt to work before this, but there’s always room for creativity at eSiteworld.

Bay 2 in Red & White

Right after Christmas is the day when all the candy makes us feel bloomed and so, 26th was the floral day. We decided to wear clothes with floral prints. Our designers took it a step further and put garland and flower arrangements all over the work place. Now that flowery perfume is sure to brighten our new year!

Desks decorated with flowers

Desks decorated with flowers

Ladies In Flowers Attire

eSiteWorld is a green company and loves mother earth. Trying to deliver a message and showing our respect towards nature, we planned on making 27th a day dedicate to environmental issues. We all dressed up in different shades of green and also worked to spread the environmental concerns all over the internet.

Boys and girls have always loved to fight it out. So, 30th was a day where the boys came in Blue and the girls came in pink. We had some team games to enjoy the day and let our staff have all the fun possible. We all bought chocolates and exchanged them with each other.

Lady in Pink

Happiest Man in Blue with Chocolates

Finally, as the year came to a close, we bid adieu to 2013. The year was a tough one, trying to compete and make a mark in the world. However, 2013 ended with a promise of success and hope. We all celebrated together by dressing up in traditional outfits, playing some indoor games and going out to Cafe Coffee Day for coffee and refreshments, discussing all that happened to us in the year that went by. After all, they say, a lot can happen over coffee!

We encourage our employees to enjoy the holiday season as they like.
This is why most of our team members are out on leave enjoying and celebrating the spirit of Christmas with their family. We have a staff of 33 hard working employees, but since many of them are jubilating at home with their kids and families, rest of us are making the most of Christmas at our office itself!

In Traditional Dress

Team-wise Games

Global Smartphone Sales Figures Show Huge Growth

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The Jury Team – TigerCamera.com

Guidelines, Photobook TigerCamera.com Competition 2012..

Who selects?
The jury consists of Tal R., Morten Bo and Lars Schwander. They are a bunch of experienced photo people who can sense creativity and artistic potential from a long way away. They choose 50 winners and a main winner.

Everyone can participate regardless of age, hair colour, head shape, spectacle lens strength or nationality. The only requirement is that you have (at least) one photo and accompanying words in English. The maximum number of individual contributions is three.