Apps that we want on the Google Glass!

Google Glasses have quite factually sent out waves throughout the tech savoir-faire society. Everyone in tech town desires a portion of Google Glass. Of course, every innovative equipment comes with its own errors ahead of being used for a definite period of time and made into somewhat close to just the thing, but with the Glass, reviews have been rather bipolar.

Google Glass App Development

A lot of people have revealed complete loyalty towards the device while some have been very passionately grimacing over minor particulars. But in spite of everything, one thing for sure is that every time we think about the glass, there are a few specific apps that we visualize. Here is a glance on most of the apps that we all would absolutely love to see in the glass.

We’re dying to see these apps

  • Shopping apps:

These apps should have a evaluate and a live feed feature which can help us in comparing and evaluating the price differences at the item you are looking at in and around your area for that ultimate hopping experience!

  • Dating apps:

We love to love! In fact, dating happens to be a very important aspect in almost all of our lives. This is why we’d love to see Google glass app development present us with an app that helps us date. The app could have all the details about your date flashing right in front of you so that you can impress him or her quickly and easily. The app could also measure the intensity of the pupil, pitch of the tone and other such aspects to estimate if the other person is interested in you. This app might also pull up hints of stuff that you can say to your subject of interest to gain their favor.

  • Lie detector:

Every line of work needs a lie detector, so that type of an app will be an enormous help to people like teachers, doctors or just about any one.

  • Fitness apps:

These apps can be as imaginative and ingenious as Google glasses apps development can get. It will help you in uphold your fitness with no trouble and yet scrupulously.

Google Glasses App Development has been taking many immense steps to make certain that apps can be created which in fact whip up all the user hopes without a doubt, however, when it comes to Google glasses app development, nothing can be named as a certainty, because the user conduct is as yet very vague.

Apps for utility or for fun?

Well, when it comes to Google glass apps, there is no limit to the kind of stuff that can be created or used. This is why one cannot say for sure which one will be a better success, a utility app or an entertainment one. But one thing that people must consider before creating apps of any kind is that every app must be carefully created keeping in mind the fact that the device is brand new and a lot of people still don’t know how o go about using it. The best strategy is to keep everything simple to ensure that people don’t find it too hard to be able to successfully use it and have a good experience.