Apping away on Google Glasses

The Google Glasses apps development has become a subject of interest for a lot of people these days. In fact, as the true potential of the glass emerges with every passing day, it becomes imperative that more and more people will venture into this direction.

Google Glassware is not similar to that as android apps. There are a not many complications to it. Essentially, it has to be understood that a smart phone is much different than a wearable computer. The Glass is like an eye glass. It looks and feels nothing like a Smartphone.

This is why it is important that the Google Glasses Apps development is tackled in a much more sensitive and creative way. The Google Glassware has to be such that it can be used, managed and enjoyed by people who will have the device mounted on their heads.

Glass Ware

Types of Apps on Glass

Google Glassware has a lot of room for novelty and creativity. This is because it is extremely new and a lot of things haven’t yet been tried out. This means that more and more people can put in some amount of research and develop unexplored apps that will help the people.

The various uses of the glass have been emerging with the help of the Glass explorers who are experimenting its application in many different industries including medicine and fire fighting. The recent attempt of the US air force in trying to use the Glass in the defence sector too is a promising one.

However, each of these apps has to be made such that the people can actually utilise the device fruitfully. Most of the times, developers forget that an application’s basic role is to make the device more usable and appealing. Also, an application helps the users in many ways. Whether it is a utility application or just an entertainment one, the role of the application is to please the users.

What should developers keep in mind while developing apps for the glass?

Well, the most important thing that one must bear in mind is that the Glass is new and so not many people will be comfortable in using it. This is why when you create an application you have to be absolutely certain that it is a simple one. Too many complications will only make it increasingly difficult for you to convince your users about the feasibility of the app.

Also make sure your application is original. If you are making your own app’s glass version it is alright, but please refrain from imitating somebody else’s app just because it got popular. Nobody will download it even if it is free. People always favour the original application and yours will just go down the bin.

Now since the glass is right in front of the eye, you have to really consider the backlighting and the colours that you use on your app. Already people have begun complaining about the headaches that they get when work on the glass for too long. This is why flashy colours and too much of a backlighting can add to their troubles. On the whole, the glass is an amazing device and can be used in the best possible way if the right kinds of applications are made for it.