3 Tips to Hire the best ROR Programmer

When it comes to the ROR development, there are good numbers of companies who have settled well and have very good portfolio items of their accomplishments. Still with growing needs of the market and increasing number of projects, there arises the need to hire some more ROR Developers. Even due to rise in the number of businesses who want their project to be done on ROR, many new companies are arriving for ROR development and many other are switching or expanding their company with the same. Hence for all these companies, the need to Hire ROR Programmers will always be there. So what points should be considered while hiring the ROR programmers?

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Conduct Smart Interviews:

I have seen many companies applying same obsolete techniques of interviews for hiring! The world is getting modernized so why not the interview process? Today is the eon where merely “Developing’ is not sufficient, you need to do really something different than your rivals. Hence for that difference, doesn’t be stickler for the rules while interviewing the ROR candidates. To have knowledge is different thing and along with the know-how, the developer should also know how and when to implement it. So be aware that you ask some very simply yet tricky questions or give some scenarios and ask them to give the best possible solution or improvements for the same. I have seen the crammers who can just answer any book-given questions easily but when they come to the field (here development), they are just a dim-witted one. Now how to extract the sharp people and what kind of queries to ask is upon you.

Hire ROR Developer as freelance:

If you are startups or you want some very high skill people or may be for some other reasons, you can hire the freelance ROR developer. There are good numbers of superior sites available for this purpose like ODesk, Elance etc. So you can hire such part-time or hourly based or task based developers. I have seen many companies hiring such freelancers when their budget or resources are less; or they need some extreme talents to solve their difficult queries.

Range of work and Versatility:

I just hate the developers who don’t want to come out of their comfort level. They are very happy with the “stagnant” work and are even satisfied with it. Hence if you are hiring the ROR developer, keep yourself miles away from such people because as the development company you are not going to develop similar projects always. This may create a very bad impression on your portfolios even. To plunge into different types of projects you need to hire the candidates who can easily adapt to the new requirements from the clients, who are ready to program any hard logic and come with some astounding results. In short the developers should be a good learner. Of course programming is like learning new things every now and then and adding up more knowledge, which is beneficial to both the developer and the company.