Facebook Application: Remarkable Way to Market Your Business

Now when social media has become daily entertaining member of people’s life, the businesses should take advantage of it for advertising their products and services. Social Medias like Facebook have entirely changed the landscape of the marketing and have disclosed tremendous new horizons for various firms. Marketing can be done at its best using the social Medias and in fact it is user triggered activity to some extent. For instance, if your Facebook app is really appealing, the user might like, comment or share the page, which appears in the notifications and possibly the main facebook page. This trend may go on and on, making your business to spread like anything. I call such marketing a word of facebook marketing, tweaking the original proverb.

Facebook Apps

Due to such an immense contribution of marketing through facebook, the Facebook App Development has received great momentum. There are many active facebook application development companies who are very well versed in creating best facebook applications. Facebook marketing has got enormously positive feedback owing to following reasons:

More exposure:

With facebook applications your scope of getting recognized or viewed increases many folds. This is how it works in most of the cases:

  • If you are a fan of some brand, company, game etc, you may like it on facebook.
  • This posts the message on the notification bar, which your facebook friends can see.
  • May be some of your friends would be also liking that and he may also show his activities on the same by liking, commenting or sharing it.
  • This way the app is advertised and gets spread across huge number of people (facebook users).

This makes it very necessary for the facebook app development company to be very cautious while developing any application. If the app is not that appealing, it ceases the steps mentioned above and your app will not be advertised well, meaning it will not get good exposure. This in turn means that your app is likely to be downloaded less. Also, people are free to make negative comments, in case your service is not good. So, beware that you develop the app which is worth using and with least bugs.

Instant feedback:

As I mentioned earlier, through facebook, in fact the active users of the facebook, you can get immediate responses about your newly launched products in the form of likes and comments. Hence, this gives you an idea of how well your product is, from the user’s perspective. Also, you can take immediate steps if there are any bugs and make the bug-free version available to rest of the users.

In short, apart from advertising, facebook may also prove very helpful to retrieve the feedback of your business. You can discover where you are lagging behind, what the customers look forward for and other analytical outcomes. So, it is wise to approach a reliable facebook application development company who can help you create exceptional apps. You can always ask for the portfolio items which reflect the work done by the company so far and take your decision whether to choose that company.

Uncover the left over Applications of Google Glass

Voice triggered technologies have received immense response from the mob. Google glass has proved to be a very revolutionary and advanced form of the technology, which has an inevitably bright future. The device is really a smart one owing to its activities and responses which are invoked simply by the voice. As effective the features of the glassware are, equally eye catchy its look is. The glassware, which resembles any normal human wearable glasses, has exceptionally great number of functionalities.

New horizons are discovered and the glass is used in many fields like medical, astronomy, weather forecasting and so on. Even the developers are desperately involved in locating many more applications that can work better using the glassware. Incontrovertibly, the glass has proved extremely helpful in much delicate stuff like surgery. But, we should not forget to thank the developers. It is the contribution of the Google Glasses Applications Development that we are able to get the apps which actually makes the glass on the go. As a developer, how to hit upon the areas, where the glass can prove immensely helpful? Here are some considerations:

  • Sparse apps:

At your ease, you can ponder upon the fields where the apps have not gained much exposure. Just see from the eyes of any normal user and brood over, that which apps can prove helpful in this field. You can even see the applications which are there in the touch sensitive devices like smart phones and replicate that application into the Google glass app design.

  • Confer with veterans:

Every field has some experienced people who have a deep knowledge in their field. You can have a quality talk with such people and retrieve that what technological advancements can be done to uplift their fields. Technologies have a lot of impact in each and every field. So try to extract what Google glass can contribute in their field. On the contrary, even you can explain them with abstraction about the working of the glassware. It is possible that they can give you hints to discover various apps that can prove helpful in the field.

  • Keep your mind open:

Yes, many of the discoveries are unintentional. Many times, while roaming around some places, chatting with friends or relatives or while developing, you may strike with some applications which may be untouched or have got little glance. So, don’t miss such an opportunity and put your idea into implementation through Google glasses applications development.

Somehow it is easy to develop quite out of box applications in different fields. But, you have to work smartly and think beyond your imagination to extract such fields. Of course, it is a challenging thing to do, but equally it is immensely interesting thing to accomplish. Doing different things and something which has not got so much research is probably most stimulating thing to do. Believe me, if you have analyzed it well and have developed just exceptional way, you will automatically reach at your zenith. The thing you need to do is a quality dedication. All the Best for developing the best Google glass app design!

3 Prongs for Better Glass App Development

Some years back, to own a computer was worth a proud and now days, the mobile phones have become almost the necessity of life and most of the people own their own, isn’t it? This shows, at what level the technology has advanced. Of course, there is no pinnacle point for the technological advancement. The evolution of the technology seems like a never ending process. One of the most popular technical devices of current time, the Google glass, is again a great invention from Google. The main reason for the popularity of this device is its wearable property, which gives the user freedom from swiping, touch and other touch gestures, which are traditionally used to run different types of computers. The device is also very handy and light weighted. All the functionalities of the glass takes place owing to the chip used, which is placed beneath the frame. But to get varieties of utilities like games and other stuffs, you are required to have the corresponding apps. Google glasses application development helps us to get the apps. Google glass apps development includes many things like prior analysis, converting the analysis to actual implementation and proper testing. If all these steps are carried out properly, your app will become indeed worth and people would love to download and use it.

1.      Prior Analysis:
In any software development, it is very important to spend quality time with your team, just for analysis. This is because, analysis helps you extract many important points of the app, you are about to create. It has happened many times that during analysis, due to the inclusion of so many powerful minds, there reveal many important feature which otherwise would have just concealed. Analysis can be in various forms like mock ups, analytical representations and so on. It is for this reason that Google Glass Apps Development should be done by keeping in mind proper analysis as a pre-requirement.

2.      Coding:
It is at this place, where you can decipher, how well you have worked on the analysis part. If you have done proper analysis, you can have a very good coding standard. This is because through analysis you can get rid of code redundancies, bugs to great extent. This has many advantages like your app size can be decreased to great extent, without compromising the quality of the app. Other important thing to remember while coding is to optimize the coding and take into consideration various time and space complexities related issues.

3.      Testing:
As the competition has increased to great extent, it has become very important that your app must be bug-free as much as possible. For this, it is very important to test the app properly and with all possible test cases. I have seen many developers who skip this step and then repent, when the bugs are issued by the users, which depletes the popularity of their apps.

In short, though for many people, coding is the main part of the Google glasses application development, I would suggest giving equal importance to all the three points, to make a better app.

Create Ordinary App Peerlessly!

We have seen the evolution of the computers with the time. The computers at their inception and the computers (in fact the types of computers) now have a huge difference in terms of size, capacity and the reliability, The main change is seen in the terms of the size. Some couple of years back, the computers occupied huge space and now they have just become immense mobile and light weighted; the best example comprising of the laptops, palmtops, tablets, smart phones and the most recent one, the wearable devices. Google has come with one of the most astounding invention with The Google Glass, a wearable device. The wearable technology has got immense demand owing to its hands-free feature. You can use the computers without frequent touches; just give a voice command and your work is done.

Google Glass

To make the maximum use of the glass, it is very important to install the relevant apps. This has flourished the Google Glass Application Development market. Many companies are plunging into the development of the apps and have succeeded to great extent. More and more users are buying the glass and hence it is obvious that they will need the apps to make it run. The companies engaged with the Google Glass Application Development have to undergo some research and analysis prior to making the apps.

  • Research it well:

Research may be with respect to two perspectives. The first one is to be aware that what type of apps are in demand or will be in high need in the future. The second perspective is undergoing profound in the research that if the app which resembles in one or the other way to the one you are going to make, decipher how you can make it better than the already existing app.

  • Undergo proper analysis

Once you are aware about the kind of app you are going to create, just think in profound that how you can make the app the most appealing and fully fledged. You can take the help of various analysis tools like mock ups. Also the look and feel part of the app matters a lot. Many times it is seen that out of the similar apps, the app with better GUI and color combinations is more prone to be used by the users. Also coding standard of the app matters a lot. If you have incorporated good coding strategies, it will be reflected as size and will be less error prone. You can insist using the reusable codes. If you have used some plug-in in your app, go for the lighter version of the same. Hence when you Hire Google Glass Developers, take care that they are aware about such concepts. Hiring goggle glass developers is very important if you want to go for good number of apps done and have more assignments.

On the whole, while developing the glass apps, just try to think out of box and try to accomplish the ordinary thing in the exceptional way!

Apps that we want on the Google Glass!

Google Glasses have quite factually sent out waves throughout the tech savoir-faire society. Everyone in tech town desires a portion of Google Glass. Of course, every innovative equipment comes with its own errors ahead of being used for a definite period of time and made into somewhat close to just the thing, but with the Glass, reviews have been rather bipolar.

Google Glass App Development

A lot of people have revealed complete loyalty towards the device while some have been very passionately grimacing over minor particulars. But in spite of everything, one thing for sure is that every time we think about the glass, there are a few specific apps that we visualize. Here is a glance on most of the apps that we all would absolutely love to see in the glass.

We’re dying to see these apps

  • Shopping apps:

These apps should have a evaluate and a live feed feature which can help us in comparing and evaluating the price differences at the item you are looking at in and around your area for that ultimate hopping experience!

  • Dating apps:

We love to love! In fact, dating happens to be a very important aspect in almost all of our lives. This is why we’d love to see Google glass app development present us with an app that helps us date. The app could have all the details about your date flashing right in front of you so that you can impress him or her quickly and easily. The app could also measure the intensity of the pupil, pitch of the tone and other such aspects to estimate if the other person is interested in you. This app might also pull up hints of stuff that you can say to your subject of interest to gain their favor.

  • Lie detector:

Every line of work needs a lie detector, so that type of an app will be an enormous help to people like teachers, doctors or just about any one.

  • Fitness apps:

These apps can be as imaginative and ingenious as Google glasses apps development can get. It will help you in uphold your fitness with no trouble and yet scrupulously.

Google Glasses App Development has been taking many immense steps to make certain that apps can be created which in fact whip up all the user hopes without a doubt, however, when it comes to Google glasses app development, nothing can be named as a certainty, because the user conduct is as yet very vague.

Apps for utility or for fun?

Well, when it comes to Google glass apps, there is no limit to the kind of stuff that can be created or used. This is why one cannot say for sure which one will be a better success, a utility app or an entertainment one. But one thing that people must consider before creating apps of any kind is that every app must be carefully created keeping in mind the fact that the device is brand new and a lot of people still don’t know how o go about using it. The best strategy is to keep everything simple to ensure that people don’t find it too hard to be able to successfully use it and have a good experience.

Awareness about the Google Glass

Although the Google glass has been quite the frenzy for a lot of people all over the world, when it comes to awareness about facts of the device, there is very little that people know. But like it is for any kind of technology, people see the avenues of making money and jump at it even with little knowledge, half the world seems to have become experts on Google Glasses Apps Development.

I mean, it is really irritating to try to read an online article about the glass without seeing a hundred links to a thousand companies that claim to help you ‘hire Google Glasses Developers’. I mean, seriously, do people even know what the glass is all about?

The other day, I was just talking to an old client of mine, who had absolutely no idea that the glass in fact did not sort a glass! He was surprised to know that the Google glass was only a frame with a chip that forced me to think that there may be many like him who need a little more information about the device itself, before they go head hunting to Hire Google Glass Developers.

So, in their interest, here’s a list of some interesting facts about the Glass:

See mom, no glass!

As shocking as it might seem to a lot of people, the Google glasses don’t have any glasses within them. For the most part it is just a frame with a tiny micro chip like display on the top corner of the frame near the eye.

The display is very small

Because of its placement, you don’t need a huge glass display. It is small and so has very little scope for you to showcase stuff. In case someone is promising you to develop a glass app loaded with features, you might want to hold that thought because there isn’t a lot of stuff that your user will be able to focus on through that tiny screen.

Can’t be folded

The glass only looks like an eyeglass but does everything that a glass can’t do. Similarly the Google glasses too can’t be treated like your regular pair of eye glasses as it can’t be folded and stashed in your pocket. If you aren’t wearing it, you might need a customized case for it that can be pretty big to carry.

Only the right eye

As of now, the version of the glass that is available only has that display thingy on the right eye corner. So, this means your left eye is always free to view the surrounding (if your brain can handle so much information all at once) while you are looking you stuff through your right eye.

No built in GPS

Believe it or not, your Google glass is only as wonderful as the GPS connection on your connecting device. The glass basically gets connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to your smart phones or tablets. The efficiency of your Glass depends entirely upon the performance of your connecting device.


Before you think about buying a glass, it is very important that you go out and do a little research about it. There is no doubt about the fact that it will be c\very popular soon and there are many business prospects lined up, but it is always advisable to know what you are getting into beforehand itself. Find out all there is to app development on Glass before you get your own app going.