Select a Unique Facebook App Development Company which can help you market your Brand Effectively

Facebook has an ever increasing vast multitude of active users who sign on every day. But only few business firms are tapping the potential of this social media site to create an opportunity to globally market their brands. A highly experienced Facebook application Development Company can give you interesting and different application development concept as well as ideas. You can select the idea according to your personal requirement.

My experience has been that when I tried to engage newbies for my app development project on Facebook, I had to struggle a lot due to lack of professionalism and lack of quality work. This led me to a reputed company involved in Facebook app development. This eventually resulted in I getting the quality desired.


Making the right choice

But one important question which besieges the mind of everyone is that how to choose Facebook App Development Company which will be able to build an effective marketing campaign on this important social media site.

In order to find a solution to this dilemma, you need to do thorough search online. There are a few companies which can guide you in Facebook Application Development and assist you on your Facebook marketing strategy by building wonderful apps. You will have to select a company which will build, customize, and timely deliver brilliant Facebook apps. You need to check out on the reviews posted by other clients and see if the company has a considerable experience which is important to create striking Facebook applications development that can ultimately build your company’s brand name on the social media site.

A good Facebook Application Development Company will be able to make highest quality of apps for your businesses so that you can tap into the ever-growing online market. On the other hand, you need to select a company which has a team of skilled Facebook application developers who can create applications as per your needs and specifications

Some Important Features of a good Facebook app Development Company

  • Since Facebook is a universal advertising platform, the company should have the capability to utilize this powerful universal platform in order to advertise and market your brand in effective manner
  • A striking Facebook app can attract millions of potential customers to your business firm. The company should have the potential to market your brand in cost-effective manner.
  • The Facebook development company should take full responsibility for the marketing of your brand name
  • The company should be able to offer multiple options that can help you build an e-commerce app which is unique and effective. Your customized apps will increase your target audience in the near future.

Facebook application development companies prosper due to the overwhelming success of this extremely popular social media site. Thus, the Facebook application development company needs to use this platform fully in order to make your brand a roaring success.

You can enhance the profitability and growth of your business by making extensive and meaningful use of this online social platform. The Facebook application development company can create a positive impact on your business by creating remarkable Facebook apps. It can build an effective and successful market campaign for the promotion of your brand. Hence, it is important to ensure that the company you choose to promote your brand is capable and well experienced.

Facebook Fan Page must be Extremely Appealing

Facebook, the most influential tool of today’s time is increasing the popularity of online business by leaps and bounds. No wonder, an entrepreneur can actually take his or her website to a completely different level of marketing control by using the social networking website. Facebook Fan Page can promote your product or services to an infinite list of visitors. Not only this, with the concept of Facebook Fan Page Development you can actually aide your marketing control with your near and dear ones by sharing the website.

Few simple steps that you must keep in mind while using this social networking site:

  • A business owner can supplement the business by making use of Facebook Fan Page and he can find template designs on sponsored advertisements for free. No doubt that the thought of free template is quite tempting and you must consider the quality level that they offer.
  • Lot of template designs are considered to be of sub standard quality and hence carry little professionalism. You must always opt for a template design which stands out and also grabs the attention of the visitors.

It is a fact that when visitors go to the fan page initially, they do not notice the product or service at the first instant. Usually, they notice the color schemes, background, display images and the brand name at the first point. Most of the people compare fan page with the store front display. To draw the attention of the customers towards the store, you need to tempt them with an attractive window display. And the most excellent way to achieve this would be by hiring a professional in window display.

Facebook Fan Page

Similarly, Facebook Fan Page Development can be done in the best way by hiring an expert. If you hire an expert in order to design your Facebook page, then it is a guarantee that you will acquire best of services. An attention-grabbing page is more likely to possess more and more followers, thereby sharing it with various other Facebook users.

Significance of Applications in Recent Times

Applications are considered to be the most outstanding specification of Facebook that actually make it extremely popular and well-known among the users. Nowadays, any Facebook App Development Company is seeking much better and enhanced ways to provide excellent results to its clients. These results can be obtained by talented professionals in this field. Basically, apps assist in making the fan page more entertaining and engaging for the users to get their things done like collecting feedback, sharing content, sending virtual gift and playing games.

On the other hand, getting an app is not that easy or cheap thing. Generally, it depends on how complicated the concept is and within how much time the ides gets implemented. But for this, you need renowned professional to get the job done and moreover charge very reasonably. Some apps are in fact calculated as per the number of hours it would take to develop whereas some apps are calculated as per the quantity of work involved in it. Therefore, in both the cases, a professional Facebook App Development Company does the best of work and on time.

My experience with Facebook has been outstanding in terms of customer response for my fashion store. However, I would suggest that you get this aspect done professionally, rather than doing it yourself.

3 Tips to Hire the best ROR Programmer

When it comes to the ROR development, there are good numbers of companies who have settled well and have very good portfolio items of their accomplishments. Still with growing needs of the market and increasing number of projects, there arises the need to hire some more ROR Developers. Even due to rise in the number of businesses who want their project to be done on ROR, many new companies are arriving for ROR development and many other are switching or expanding their company with the same. Hence for all these companies, the need to Hire ROR Programmers will always be there. So what points should be considered while hiring the ROR programmers?

Ruby On Rails

Conduct Smart Interviews:

I have seen many companies applying same obsolete techniques of interviews for hiring! The world is getting modernized so why not the interview process? Today is the eon where merely “Developing’ is not sufficient, you need to do really something different than your rivals. Hence for that difference, doesn’t be stickler for the rules while interviewing the ROR candidates. To have knowledge is different thing and along with the know-how, the developer should also know how and when to implement it. So be aware that you ask some very simply yet tricky questions or give some scenarios and ask them to give the best possible solution or improvements for the same. I have seen the crammers who can just answer any book-given questions easily but when they come to the field (here development), they are just a dim-witted one. Now how to extract the sharp people and what kind of queries to ask is upon you.

Hire ROR Developer as freelance:

If you are startups or you want some very high skill people or may be for some other reasons, you can hire the freelance ROR developer. There are good numbers of superior sites available for this purpose like ODesk, Elance etc. So you can hire such part-time or hourly based or task based developers. I have seen many companies hiring such freelancers when their budget or resources are less; or they need some extreme talents to solve their difficult queries.

Range of work and Versatility:

I just hate the developers who don’t want to come out of their comfort level. They are very happy with the “stagnant” work and are even satisfied with it. Hence if you are hiring the ROR developer, keep yourself miles away from such people because as the development company you are not going to develop similar projects always. This may create a very bad impression on your portfolios even. To plunge into different types of projects you need to hire the candidates who can easily adapt to the new requirements from the clients, who are ready to program any hard logic and come with some astounding results. In short the developers should be a good learner. Of course programming is like learning new things every now and then and adding up more knowledge, which is beneficial to both the developer and the company.

Ideal ColdFusion Development Company

Technology is just getting “perked up” every so often. Some years back we had not even imagined the mobility of the devices and now most of us are using the “smart” phones. Similarly growth and advancement is seen in the application development and one of them is ColdFusion. ColdFusion has gained immense ogle from many development Companies. It has not only become center of attention for many big development companies, but equally it is used by many small and mid-sized companies.

Effective Web Applications: As a ColdFusion Development Company, you should have very good knowledge about the online powerful applications. There are so many tips and tricks associated with the ColdFusion Web Development. So get your company recharged with all sorts of such techniques which can prove very beneficial for your company.

Good developers: With good developers I don’t mean the one who just sit on their working place and ever do the same task like stagnant water. There should be something new in doing the same task even. We used to solve same mathematics problems by many methods so why not to apply such tactics in the development! You can complete some of the tasks writing 1000 lines of code and some smarter person can complete same in just half lines. Of course you know which one is better! Hence just go for the quality developers who are ever ready to face the challenges.


Ideal working environment: I have seen many immensely talented developers who always want to work with the company which is flexible enough and have excellent environment at work. There are many provisions to know the work culture of your company like the reviews, ratings and comments. You must be having Facebook page for your company, right? The developers get to know almost many information about the way you treat your employes. So to get good developers as well as to get good successes keep this in mind.

Full-fledged: Whenever a new client approaches with some projects to your company, they inevitably visit your portfolio page. It is obvious that good projects and versatility of your work will help you attract good clients. This is because they know that you can work with good range of tasks and you are have done much exposure in the development.

Good relations with the clients and Employees: During our business classes, we have learnt about the “lock in” concept. So considering this approach one can say that build good relations with your clients. Make them really contented with your work so that they will approach you every time they need to do relative work. ColdFusion is such a language which can be used to accomplish wide scaled as well as for small and big projects. Of course take the projects from the new clients but don’t forget the older ones! Similarly don’t forget the employees of your company. Respect them, their ideas, work and reward and promote them for their exceptional work!

Incorporate all these points and become an ideal Development Company.

Turn a Profit with Glass Development

Of course you cannot judge a “Glass” from its “look”, you need to wear it! Had you even imagined that wearing a glass can make your search over? Hey, this is not an exaggeration, it is the truth. I just wore a “glass” and asked it to search for the best restaurants in the nearby and as if a dream coming true in front of my eyes, the results came and that too just some few cm away from my eyes with relevant and immediate information. This is a short, sweet description of what the special glass from Google can do.

Now let’s talk about the development side of the glass apps. Google glass of course is a newer tech device than the ones in almost the same category like smart phones. So it is quite certain that the number of apps of the former one are comparatively lesser than the later one. This gives a hint to all the smart developers to start developing apps for the Google glasses. As this is the mere an inception of the Google Glass, the demand for the apps will be there at leaps and bounds. So this is a good time to go into the field and make your name in the same. The benefit you will gain here is that, you are getting a chance to be an “earlier“part of this exceptional product of Google in the form of developing the Google Glass apps for the people. Here i focused to the earlier part because by participating to the development of the app, you will almost get mastery in it, when it is going to be used just like any other common device. I would recommend you to hire the best Google Glass Developers and commence the development for the amazing. You will probably get an opportunity to make a good position when it comes to Google app developers.

Also if you want to stand well in the competition don’t be stingy while hiring the Google Glass Developers.

  • From the very starting do focus on the quality developers. Of course this quality may cost you more, but don’t be parsimonious in it if you want some really eminent app.

  • How to reach them? Yes, this can be quite difficult but not impossible. You can hire the developers from many job offering portals. You can even conduct some face to face interviews for the same.

  • Freelancers: this is also a good option. If in the starting you cannot afford to have employers of your own or due to lack of the resources, you can go for the freelancers who will work for you with their own resources. But be aware, don’t be dependent on them or rather avoid imparting the things which are needed in urgency.

So what are you waiting for? Start developing the fantastic and useful apps for Google glass and get ready for good amount of money coming to your way.

“Be on ball” while Developing Facebook Page

With such a cut throat competition among the Facebook App Development companies, you need to be aware as to what is happening in the market and react to it intelligently; otherwise in no time you will be thrown out of the competition! Though the previous sentence seems an exaggeration but believe me it is a fact. All the businesses and companies are getting “Facebook”ized and of course they need to be! There are almost 400 million active Facebook users, so which place is better than it to attract more customers and fans? Now companies and even many individuals like celebrities are getting developed their Facebook fan page. So other than developing the apps now the Facebook App development Company have got another scope in form of Facebook Fan Page Development.

Facebook Fan Page

“Fan” page should attract more “Fans”

Though this is certain feature a page must have, it is important. The main thing about developing the Facebook page is it should be appealing one. By developing attractive Facebook page, the page is prone to get great number of likes and once it has reached some specific number of likes, it will not be that hard to get more likes. Yes, come on we are also a Facebook user and we know the more liked pages are more prone to receive some more likes. So on the whole make the page very overwhelming for the users to resist.

Get the Idea!

There are already huge numbers of Facebook page available. Go through them and see what makes them so famous! There are many apps and pages on the Facebook which are just too innovative. People like to use such innovative and interactive applications. If your page is really appealing and awesome, you will get a good audience base.

Hire The Best Facebook Developers

At the end, the app or the page is going to be developed by the developers; Hence on the basis of your budget try to appoint versatile developers. Here versatility is in the sense that the developer should think out of box and should come up with something peerless and distinguished. Even if there are challenges they should be always ready to face it nicely and come with some effectual solutions. I have seen many Facebook App Development Companies who always go for the “cheap” rated developers. Even many companies bargain the rates with the developers and choose the one with the lowest rate. Can you think how long the company will last? So don’t be such fools; concentrate on the quality and not merely the rates if you want to achieve something big.

Many times Facebook fan page is termed as a Mini Website of your business. As it is “mini” you need to be more accurate with the precise and brief content and just like you maintain your website to make user aware about the most recent information, do the same with the Facebook page. This page is very important as it will create a viral effect through news feeds and much more.

ColdFusion, Why Development Company should go for it?

With everything getting digitizing, there has been rise in considerably good number of development companies. So many languages are available in the market which confuses both the company – which language/s to go for, so that it can give them good profit and the developer – which one will provide them with good career. There are so many debates in the same but still it is very difficult to come to final conclusion as if which one is the best. This is because every language has its own potential and weaknesses. I have seen quite good popularity of ColdFusion now days and that made me plunge into the research of the same. Through the research I was really surprised with some of the features provided by it and many good products from the ColdFusion Development Companies. Let me share some of the points I came across during my research.

ColdFusion Development

Robust: The development with ColdFusion is indeed sturdy as it is developed in Java- J2ee platform. Of course many other platforms are there, but through ColdFusion you can make many complex applications. Apart we get many other advantages: ColdFusion also provides an application server.

Newbie?: I have heard people discussing that you should not get into the ColdFusion development, if you are a fresher in the same. But here I would cross question that at some point anybody would have done an inception for it, no one would have come learning and implementing ColdFusion from the womb. So if you as a company want to go for the ColdFusion development just go for it, without paying attention to the rumors. But don’t be miser while hiring the ColdFusion developers because they are the one who will help you a lot especially because you are a startup company.

Some technical stuff: All application are not similar and hence the need to develop the ColdFusion apps differs. This is taken into consideration by the ColdFusion. They provide various editions as per the requirement of the application. Similarly, as far as the developing company is concerned, you can be small scaled, medium or large scaled businesses and hence the requirement of each can differ. ColdFusion comes with three editions.

  1. Enterprise Edition: This edition lets you deliver multiple applications on more than one server. Hence as a big size company you can go for it as it provides the provision for big applications.

  2. Standard Edition: This is ideal for medium and small scaled business. Through this edition you can establish single applications very nicely.

  3. Developer Edition:  As the name implies this edition is just for the development purpose. The best thing about it is that this edition is available free of charge.

Apart there are many other considerations about the ColdFusion development, but it is not feasible to write it out in just a single blog. Still I would like to give a suggestion that as almost the entire development of the application is to be done by the developers, hire the ColdFusion developers wisely.

Plunge into Google Glass App Development

Google glass is in a great conversation among the people and why not! It can accomplish many tasks in a cinch and with less efforts and user intervention. Just wear a device, as if you are using your wearing glass and see all the things happening as per your command, right in front of your eyes. You need not look for the things across your smart phones or laptops but instead just request the glassware to do the things for you and the glass as if an obedient child will get back to you with the relevant results. This was a simple example of what you can do with the glass. But there are many other astounding applications of the glass where it can prove to be a life saving one and the best example is in the medical and particularly during the surgery.

Though many advantages of the glasses are disclosed and have been incorporated in the day to day life, still many more are on the way. In fact one can come across many exceptional things that you can do with the glass. This has also given immense rise to the development of the Google glass applications.

Google Glass

Google Glass Web Development has just great future due to immense popularity of the glass. Whether it is for education purpose or in air force, everywhere the glass has shown its magical usage. Just recently I came across its usage at the airport. Yes, you can search for the parking space, the status of your flights etc. You can even estimate the fare of the travel.

Glassware App Development

  • Develop and test:  the development of the Google glass application should be quite at pace. This is because the invention is quite recent and there are so many developers who have already engaged themselves with its development. Start the development in such a way that no bugs are left uncovered. Even a minute mistake can lead your app to get rejected by the users. I would like to give you a tip here, follow the baby steps. Test each individual independent portion properly and slowly integrate them with full fledged app at the end.
  • Its glass! Yes, while developing the app you should be aware that it is just a glass and you can think of its dimension which is nearly the same as any ordinary glass. So let your app be such that it looks beautiful and worth using and seeing in that size.
  • Versions: Google glass apps are developed in android. Just take care about the stable version of the same and how compatible it will be for the glass.

Indeed the web development with Google glass is though quite emerging but will have a mammoth growth in the future owing to its outstanding features like timely information, relevant and immediate response and so on. With Google glass, really one would like to say that “Sky is the limit”. So happy Google glass apps developing!

Let your Facebook App Development don’t go in Vain

I have seen number of Facebook App developers who are really intelligent and have the potential to develop just wonderful apps. But many times due to immense competition in the field of Facebook app development, they need some more smartness in their work. Take a simple example; just think about the number of gaming apps available in the Facebook and as a user we know how many have got average popularity and the ones which have got surplus welcome from the users. The users have almost got a sweet addiction of such games and they want to play it frequently. Hence if you are indeed a good Facebook App Developer, try to go a step ahead and become somewhat elegant and then see your apps going famous in a flash. This is also true for the Facebook application development company. In fact for them, it is quite easier because they just need to go through some well turned out steps to ace a test in the same.

But how?

Have you pondered upon the apps that have got good responses from the user? If not yet then start thinking for the same. By thinking from the user’s perspective you will get a better idea as if what to develop and what not. I have also contemplated over the same and let me help you with some of the points:

Poor redundancy – people hate it: As a Facebook Application Development Company, you should think out of box. Also you have good number of developers and hence different minds. Try to come with some new apps. With new I do not mean so called hi-fi appsFacebook Apps, but the apps that good number of users could use; hence the app should be simple to use yet very attractive. Even if you are replicating some concept which is already adopted by some other app, I warn you start to develop the app  only if you are definitely sure that the app is going to be better than the existing one, else no one could help to save your app to getting futile.

Understand the app: As I had mentioned earlier, keep in mind the end user while developing the app. You can spare some good time with your developers and research well on the app you are going to develop. Be as much creative as you can be.

Marketing your app and word of mouth advertising:

Without good marketing even if your app is just stunning, it will hardly gain the attention. So don’t be stingy to promote your app. Once you start promoting and if your app is really worth, the user cannot resist it. The thing is that a good app will enjoy automatic advertising thereafter. Now what is this automatic advertising? Some person likes your app, now he will recommend his friend in some forms like invitations and in this way your app will get marketed and popular in no time. But yes for that you need to do your best to market your app initially.