More to the Glass than Meets the Eye

The glass has always met with extreme reactions. Almost like beer. Some people hate it and some love it. There are no medium or mediocre reactions about it. Now you would say, who hates beer anyway! Exactly my reaction when I hear about people who don’t appreciate the Glass.

I mean look what technology has done for you. It has brought out for you some of the most important features that requires minimal human input and yet offers maximum output in terms of usability. I absolutely adore the device, and my bet is, the only people who complain about it are the ones who don’t have it or haven’t used it.

The glass is almost too farfetched and yet right there in front of your eyes guiding you to achieve whatever you want for it to. It’s wonderful. And let me tell you, the first time I ever dawned it; I was swept off my feet.

It’s like the movies, only much more real. And reality has its problems. See, the reason why people have found an excuse to complain about the glass is because they always imagined for it to be flawless. However, one must note that no technology is flawless.

Ask Nicola Tesla what all he had to do for that perfect invention. Things take time to be perfected and similarly the glass too will emerge as the most usable and flawless device of the century probably a few years afterwards.

Why the fear?

I guess most of the people who fear the glass do so because they think that the glass gives people the all Seeing Eye – a right only to be had by the gods. But, seriously! You think so! I mean, here we are talking about operational flaws of the glass and there we have a bunch of people going all religious about it.

The glass is science, and contrary to popular beliefs, it is not meant to breach your privacy or snoop around in your lives. It is meant to facilitate you to carry out a lot of processes which were previously impossible with only the mobile phones or tablets!

Google Glass Web Development

Why so serious?

There is also a section of the crowd that insists that the glass has a number of usage difficulties such as battery life and tapping the temple to get it started and the glass picking up your neighbor’s voice as well while you command it, but then, hello! It is a computer.

You give it input, it gives you output. Not like Google has refused to make any amends to it. Of course, with time they will also introduce a smother or a smarter version of the device, but for now, we must shed off all that seriousness and celebrate the thinkers and the scientists (yes, I like to call the developers scientists for all their efforts and intellect), for their unparalleled efforts to bring such a device into being.

If you really want to get serious about something, well, now is the right time to invest in Google Glass App Design and Google Glass web development because it is sure to bring you a lot of profits in the days to come. Don’t fear Google Glass web development or even Google glass app design, just seek professional assistance and create your own apps for better profitability!

How to Hire Google Glasses Developers

Since the Glass has become quite popular these days. Almost everyone today wants something new in terms of technology to snazzy up their business or make them better than the rest. However, that is somehow not always possible. But with the Google glass, things have definitely taken a big turn.

The glass is almost like a piece of future placed in our hands in the present. This is probably why a lot of people either don’t know too much about it, or don’t know what to do with it. Google Glasses Apps development has opened many new windows for people today.

The glass being a wearable computer makes it very easy for people to carry out a lot of activities with complete control and a lot of ease. The glass has been designed to ensure that we can see all the information that we want to, right in front of our eyes without even having to use our hands.

Technology like that brings a lot of speculation along with promises. This is because understanding its true depth might take some time. So what we are saying here is that being speculative and skeptical about the glass is quite obvious.

But is it truly useful or just another technological gimmick?

Anyone with a sane mind can tell you that the glass is like a magic wand. However, it can only be used to its maximum effectiveness only when you use the right apps on it. So, unless you are using a great 3 dimensional map master, your maps will look the same on glass with the exception of being laid out right in front of you.

This is why Google Glasses apps development has become quite the topic amongst most of the information technology companies. With people trying to find a unique solution to increase their profitability, the need to Hire Google Glass Developers has also seen an unprecedented rise.

However, the process of locating and hiring the right candidate for your business is a tedious one. Internet might be the solution for a lot of man’s problems but it is also the biggest source of confusion for the people today.

Google Glass Apps Development

How to hire Google glasses developers

Well, don’t be too scared and all too because if you know how to do about it then it’s really a piece of cake.

The first and foremost thing that you should bear in mind is that you have to be absolutely sure that he has his hands on the actual device itself. Google has launched a one day sale of the glass and a few hundred companies have actually managed to buy it. So only rely on a company that has the glass. They will know all the nuances with respect to the operations of the device and thereby be able to prepare the best apps.

The next most important thing is that the developers are not just android mobile developers. They should have a certain amount of experience with respect to the glass developing tool kit. Developing for glass is much different than developing for any other platform and so, its best if you don’t restrict yourself to taking a wild guess but do thorough research before you begin your apps.

The Mysteries of Google Glass App Development

Yes, the news is out. The whole disappointment about Glass is over, and Google has almost obliterated any doubts regarding the effective capacity of the device. This is probably the biggest reason so as to why more and more people are now seeking to develop their own apps for the glass.

However, the whole business of Google glass app development is encircled with lots of mysteries. There is no possible way that you can just one fine day decide to create your own apps for the glass and be ready the next day.

What is the problem?

Well, there is no problem as such, but the biggest roadblock of sorts is that no one really knows exactly what all the Glass is capable of as yet. So, Google Glasses Application Development can have many facets to itself that are probably yet not discovered.

The task of working on and unearthing all the potential of any device is mostly entrusted to application developers who put on their creative hats and take a plunge into the task of Google Glass application development.

Google Glass App Development

Well, but putting that to a side, I guess the most important thing while developing any application you must give it a lot of thought and research. When you develop any application you are basically putting your company out there for people to judge. So until and unless you are absolutely sure about the kind of stuff that you represent yourself as, do not enter into this field.

Is application development for the glass too complicated?

Not at all. See, my dad says that a step in the right direction is half the battle won. So basically, if you know what you want have find out exactly how to go about it, you have already taken care of all the complications.

What you must really do is find out whether whoever you have decided to develop the apps for you should actually be qualified to do so. See you will find plenty of them out there claiming to be the best at it and how their thousands of projects are underway and so and so forth. However, you have to really check for credibility and make sure that whoever you trust your app with has the Glass to begin with.

If he is using the simulator or just the glass development tool kit, the chances are that they will never even know what their end product looks like. If they have the glass then they can create it and then check how it actually works on the device. That way if there are any bugs then they can be fixed easily.

Google Glass application development for business

Some people might not regard it as absolutely important but if you ask me I can tell you that the glass shows real promise. There are two basic ways in which you can use the apps to help with your business:

  • Business apps to help with your business processes. You can develop an app that helps you with the business processes you have including sending urgent messages, or quick telecast of anything that you need from one place to another.

  • You can also create apps that are of some utility for your customers. You can create general shopping apps or even games that your particular audience will find interesting.

Have a Good Start of your Business by Hiring a Facebook Developer

In the present scenario, Facebook as well as its app ecosystem do not really need any kind of introduction. We all must be familiar with the term ‘Facebook’. The companies or brand names, whose target audience falls under Facebook demographic, need to always design extremely attractive Facebook apps for the success of their brand name. Apart from likes or shares, the Facebook applications help you to get hold of more and more engaged users along with enhanced traffic to your website, thereby increasing your revenue by leaps and bounds.

On the other hand, the concept of designing Facebook applications is not exactly like designing mobile applications or websites. The services of a reputed Facebook App Development Company must be taken into consideration if you desire to have an attention-grabbing app for your business. It comprises of lots of important factors that play a major role here. I have listed some of them for your reference:

  • One must be sure that he or she is not at all defying Facebook’s ever changing policy and legal positions
  • One must be very flexible and adopt to Facebook’s random changes within the user interface
  • One must find out a particular business model that do not run against Facebook’s objectives or goals

Facebook – Creator of enthusiasm

Entrepreneurial spirit, considered to be one of the most valuable gifts indeed is something incredible that combines confidence, passion, positivity plus ambition. A genuine entrepreneur will never ever be frightened by the panorama of failure and will always be willing to hold close both lows and highs with the positive spirit. To make their business a success, they will always grab the most outstanding opportunities and amongst that creating a Facebook app is considered to be the most important one. It is truly remarkable to see that the zest and enthusiasm the younger generation of today has is beyond comparison.

Facebook App Development

Facebook- A niche in itself

Social media has turned out to be one of the most essential methods for business houses to connect with the clients and Facebook is on the topmost list. Moreover, if you hire Facebook developer, then you can actually develop modified Facebook specifications that would make your page stand out amongst others. This will not only enhance your branding, in fact it will also drive increased traffic to your website. In order to get a special appeal and client interaction, you need to hire the developers who possess good experience and talent in this field. If you Hire Facebook Developer, then there are less chances of risk and no doubt your application can be positioned in such a manner that it moves towards success only.

But at the same time, it hardly matters from where you get hold of a developer. The most important thing is that you need to ask for client reference which will be a good start for you. Try to dig deep in the relationship with the developer so that he or she works in the efficient and organized manner for you. Before hiring their services, always look for their previous work and how successful it has been. For being extra safe and secure, I suggest that is it best to choose some professional Facebook app development company for this work.

Make your Website Attractive by Engaging a Reputed ColdFusion Development Company

Technology reinvents itself at a very fast pace. Every now and then some new kind of development platform for web and mobile sites is invented. In current times, ColdFusion application development is one of the most preferred options which professional developers are using. This innovative platform is working best for big as well as small companies, where there is relatively lesser need for professional development.

ColdFusion application development presents an ideal solution for your business and helps to make your online presence powerful and organized. It offers numerous benefits to skilled programmers who can create highly effective web applications which are both progressive as well as dependable. Cold fusion applications are relatively easy to install and thus you can have quick access to an encouraging user-interface.

Let me take you through some of the important aspects related to ColdFusion development.

Knowing ColdFusion

ColdFusion is a swift application development language which delivers excellent results built on Java. ColdFusion platform facilitates lot of amazing techniques. As the developers use ColdFusion application development, they will be able to use various programs that can assist in making your site more striking as well as more functional.

Professional help needed

It is very important to Hire ColdFusion Developer who has the skill to track projects and at the same time manage back-end deliveries for your website. This is a tough task and requires the expertise of a trained developer. The latest updates, freshly introduced features and related elements can only be delivered by a professional developer who has the skill to work on this new platform. Hence it is imperative to hire ColdFusion developer who is aware of the details of the platform on which website integration is developed. For practicing ColdFusion web development and justifying its integration, your company is completely dependent upon the ability of a developer.

ColdFusion DevelopmentHowever it has been seen that novice programmers will have a tough time understanding and applying it. If the developer does not have experience and is unskilled then the outcomes can be really disastrous. In order to avoid hassles, it is best to get your work done from a reputed ColdFusion Development Company who has a team of skilled programmers.

Moreover outsourcing from the Development Company is cheaper. Thus in order to get cost effective and skilled services it is best to outsource your projects to a professional ColdFusion Development Company. This decision will prove to be very beneficial and economical because skilled developers will offer their expert services. The team of programmers in a reputed Development Company will empower your website with various built-in capabilities, prevent Cross-site request forgery as well as scripting attacks and can provide the hosting you need as well.

It is important to conduct in-depth research before selecting the ColdFusion web Development Company.

  • Consider the pricing structure and bargain with the company before engaging them
  •  Establish the quality of customer service. It is better to be alert and check online to see if there are any specific complaints made about the company

You can find companies that have the ability to make the most of this innovative application, and are able to create exactly what you require. So next time you need some work done in related to web development, consider opting for ColdFusion development and a professional company.

Understand The Basics of Developing Apps using Facebook

Facebook, at the very beginning found it difficult to gain grounds as a newbie in social networking zone, standing still against ‘Orkut’. Orkut was gaining good business, but then Facebook, managed to create a revolution and desired buzz to grab the crowd.

A new leader emerges

Facebook as a social networking service was established on 4-February 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg. Mark Zuckerberg founded this networking site with his roommates called Eduardo Saverin, Chris Huges, Andrew McCollum and Dustin Moskovitz. This social networking project was such a success that the management team also issued their shares as NASDAQ:FB which can be traded. Facebook has earned good amount of revenue and many other application developers are still struggling to get similar applications with unique idea like Facebook which can change the game.

Facebook Application Development

Getting to apps development

Well, let’s not get into that, as we are moving off the subject of ‘Facebook Apps development’. Facebook Apps Development is not a new thing; many are getting into this zone to create an app that will stand out and create a fad like some of the apps already on Facebook.

If you have good background and knowledge of code, ‘Facebook App Development’ is not a difficult task. Languages like JQuery, HTML and PHP run into help give solutions. HTML is an essential language as it is based on object functions. To make use of this object functional code, JQuery can easily executed using JQuery Library. JQuery is not a difficult to start with if you have a slight knowledge of JavaScrip.

Understand how to go about developing the apps

Exploring JQuery library will help you out about how to deal with the library functions of JQuery. Two most prime things are: use for live filter search and then the page tab for user to have smooth sailing experience, through this transition from one-page to other is very easy. Then you need to call JavaScript at the very beginning of the application coding. The code ‘myjava.js,’ will help you to create the app, the way you need. Once DOM is ready, then JQuery can be manipulated to create the things. DOM is an essential element in creating app on Facebook.

Once you have written needful code for developing app, then we remove ‘active class’ from the code part of class and then hide rest of other content. The next item that is very much essential is ‘Filter Search’. This is essential as it allows filtering the result and making use in real time. By taking the values which are live, and filtering it, that will match the post as div S. Once this is done the essential part of coding on Facebook App development is done and then PHP comes into picture.

PHP brings static file to life, and pull out the data from Facebook. The index.html is known to be main file on which maximum changes are carried out. With this setting of Facebook app Canvas page is also essential. This page allows you to set or create your own customize app the way you need. After creating you can easily host this.

My intention of writing this blog was just to make a newbie understand how to begin with app development using Facebook. Hope this information proves useful.

How Usable is Glass?

Google Glasses development have revolutionized the entire world to the point that although the general masses don’t have the glass with them just yet, they are still willing to shell out thousands of dollars just to ensure that they have an app ready on the glass platform the day people are in a position to buy it.

There are many advantages to doing this. Apart from giving you a lead in terms of visibility and brand promotion it will also ensure that you are already reachable by your audience when they need you. The biggest and the most effective tool of business is media and publicity and the Glass will allow you to do just that and that too with a pinch of panache to it.

Will the glass really become main stream?

Well, there are many arguments to it. With the glass basically, you will never find a mediocre response. People either love it or hate it. We can all understand the love for the device but understanding the hate is sometimes difficult.

We spoke to a couple of Glass researchers, explorers and enthusiasts in general to understand why would people be against such a cool gadget and we found out that perhaps this time, Google bit a little more than it could chew.


The users of the glass claim that it has not yet become one hundred percent ready for use. The glass is still in its trial and error phase which it relies on its explorers to help with. Having said this, not all explorers have been comfortable with it.

Most problems occur when people have already created a mental wish list of the things that they want with the glass whether feasible or not are not their problem. So when anything that falls short comes out of it, they are terribly disappointed and that is where the hate emerges from.

So, is the glass ever going to be acceptable?

Acceptable is an understatement. The glass is set to change the way people have been thinking till now. The glass might not be all ready just yet, but then even the telephone had an initial version which has now over period of time developed into so many various forms.

The glass does have some minor difficulties but with time and newer bug fixes, it is sure to emerge as the new hero of the tech town. The glass has already started touching various industries and making life easier.

Explorers have found its unique uses in the fields of surgical medicine, fire fighting, advertising, telecommunication, defense forces and so on and so forth. Every industry can make the most of the glass with the help of glass application development. There can be customized apps that will help you achieve whatever it is that you want to and make it much easier for you to grow with your business.

Google glasses application development

The process of developing new and unique glassware to help with various performances is known as Google Glasses App Development. In the last couple of years, the prospects of Google glasses app development have gone so high that non IT companies too are entering into the sphere of creating Glass apps to sell them off. Glass apps can be made for both promotional purposes or even just to ensure that your business processes run smoothly.

Approaching the Dynamics of the Glass through its Apps

Applications have made the world a more colorful place to be in. If you look back a few numbers of years, you will realise that the most basic function of a computer was to calculate stuff and to maintain records. Phones were simply made to make and receive calls.

However, with the continuous development in the field of technology, it is obvious that more and more apps have been developed that help you do just about everything, starting from sending free messages to barcode scanning objects.

Google Glassware

Google Glassware

This is the most predominant reason so as to why people naturally thought of creating more and more Google Glassware to make the device itself popular too. The strength or the popularity of any device today has become largely, if not entirely dependent on the kind of apps that can run on it.

If a device so amazing as the Google Glass comes with even more exciting apps then you can imagine the kind of frenzy it will throw the people in. Business of any kind relies on popularity and Google Glasses are set to do just that.

Google App design

Only thinking about creating your own Google app will not even get you there. It requires a lot of research and a lot of in depth knowledge about the product to even get started. This is why if you have been studying about the advantages of creating your own app for the Glass, you must seek someone who actually has hands on experience on the device.

One might think that developing apps for the Glass is similar to that of android development but please note that it is so different that if you make the mistake of developing it in the same way, you will only end up earning a terrible reputation for your company.

Google App designing has many nitty grittiest involved which make it anything but simple. In order to ensure that your app is a big hit amongst all your potential customers it is mandatory for you to ascertain that it is useful for the people.

Kinds of apps for the glass

Apps can be of various kinds. You have to decide which kind of app best suits the nature of your business. The app that you make will decide how well your customers accept you. Also, alternatively, you can choose to create an app that helps in allowing you to function in your business in a better way.

You can create business apps that help in understanding and facilitating many business processes by giving you detailed information right in front of you whenever you require it. The explorer program shows how it is extremely useful in the fields of medicine, fire fighting and so on and so forth.

If you put your mind to it and get the help of a good Google Glasses App Developer, then there are no ways you can go wrong. But yes, you can never be casual about it. You have to conduct thorough and detailed research before taking the big leap. Once again, if you put your mind to it there can be no doubts about your success. But beware only deal with professionals because one wrong step can bring bad reputation to your company.

Google Glasses Sell Out Like Hot Cakes!

Alas! The one day sale for Google Glass held on the 15th of April was way too small to appease the hunger of the people! Although Google promises to set up many more such small one day sales, but that certainly does not good to the people who are still willing to get their hands on it. Apart from that, Google has also become the epicenter of criticism for having launched such a sale only for the US population. Talk about global trade!

The company proclaimed plans to unlock this fancy device for the general public in order to give them an experience to be able to buy it for themselves. However, this only led to a further mess as hordes of people competed to get their own Glass at any cost. Obviously, there is no doubt about the company anticipating such a mad rush. It is probably why people are so upset about not being able to satiate the requirement.

Google Glass

Did they keep the customers apprised?

Well of course! From a company their size, it is unbelievable that they wouldn’t! But of course, instead of choosing every platform available, they stuck to Google + and put all the information right there. They made it clear that the devices were being sold at a pretty good speed. In fact, when the cotton white model got sold out, they made it clear on their Google + page that so had happened.

Any room for new Explorer aspirants?

There is a website, where US citizens above the age of 18 with a US shipping address can sign up and pre order their devices. Whenever their device will be ready, they will be intimated and they can purchase it for $1500.

The trouble with the glass is that it is now only focusing on US citizens. This can create some amount of frustration amongst global developers. Also, it is only available through the explorer program to add to the difficulties.

The rest of the world is kind of feeling slighted. So, unless Google can quickly come back with something happy to offer to the globe, there will be some sort of controversy over this futuristic device. In fact, it looks like the rest of the world cannot even opine on the Glass because it does not have a chance to experience it.

So, who does the explorer program focus on?

Well, since Google Glass Web Development is coming up in a big way, the explorer program essentially centers on the developers to make sure that Google Glass application development can rise at an unprecedented rate.

Google Glass application development is much different than other android application development. This is because of the difference in the gadget itself. In case the explorers get their hands on the device before the general release, it will facilitate them to make sure that they can handle the Google Glass web development in the right way so that the device happens to be profitable for everyone.

On the whole, if you are another Explorer aspirant, my advice is first focus on the applications that are existent in the market. Also, study the reviews of the device and gain some insight about what other explorers have to say. And, if you aren’t a US national, then I guess, waiting for the GDK is the only hope, at least for the near future.

Apping away on Google Glasses

The Google Glasses apps development has become a subject of interest for a lot of people these days. In fact, as the true potential of the glass emerges with every passing day, it becomes imperative that more and more people will venture into this direction.

Google Glassware is not similar to that as android apps. There are a not many complications to it. Essentially, it has to be understood that a smart phone is much different than a wearable computer. The Glass is like an eye glass. It looks and feels nothing like a Smartphone.

This is why it is important that the Google Glasses Apps development is tackled in a much more sensitive and creative way. The Google Glassware has to be such that it can be used, managed and enjoyed by people who will have the device mounted on their heads.

Glass Ware

Types of Apps on Glass

Google Glassware has a lot of room for novelty and creativity. This is because it is extremely new and a lot of things haven’t yet been tried out. This means that more and more people can put in some amount of research and develop unexplored apps that will help the people.

The various uses of the glass have been emerging with the help of the Glass explorers who are experimenting its application in many different industries including medicine and fire fighting. The recent attempt of the US air force in trying to use the Glass in the defence sector too is a promising one.

However, each of these apps has to be made such that the people can actually utilise the device fruitfully. Most of the times, developers forget that an application’s basic role is to make the device more usable and appealing. Also, an application helps the users in many ways. Whether it is a utility application or just an entertainment one, the role of the application is to please the users.

What should developers keep in mind while developing apps for the glass?

Well, the most important thing that one must bear in mind is that the Glass is new and so not many people will be comfortable in using it. This is why when you create an application you have to be absolutely certain that it is a simple one. Too many complications will only make it increasingly difficult for you to convince your users about the feasibility of the app.

Also make sure your application is original. If you are making your own app’s glass version it is alright, but please refrain from imitating somebody else’s app just because it got popular. Nobody will download it even if it is free. People always favour the original application and yours will just go down the bin.

Now since the glass is right in front of the eye, you have to really consider the backlighting and the colours that you use on your app. Already people have begun complaining about the headaches that they get when work on the glass for too long. This is why flashy colours and too much of a backlighting can add to their troubles. On the whole, the glass is an amazing device and can be used in the best possible way if the right kinds of applications are made for it.