How to Hire WordPress Developers without Breaking a Sweat?

If you ask any entrepreneur what is the most difficult aspect of his business, he would flatly respond by saying Human Resources. Regardless of how technologically sound we become, we are after all, dependants on the human brain for a lot of things. There are so many skills and trades that no one but a human can perform.

This is why it is said that recruitment is one of the most important areas of the success of any business. Information technology is one segment of the industry that is by far the most difficult one to get through.

Why so?

Well, obviously, information technology is popular. This means that regardless of the nature, scope or size of the business, you will at some point need the internet and technologies associated with it to help you out.

This is why the number of people turning into developers and programmers is increasing by the minute. Having said this, obviously, the large numbers pose a very big problem of selection. You see, everywhere you get quantity, quality is sure to suffer.

Emergence of WordPress

WordPress initially was looked upon as a blogging system. However, it has today evolved as one of the most versatile Content Management System on the internet that allows any WordPress developer or WordPress Programmer to prepare websites of any complexity.

If you ask a WordPress developer his reason for the choice of career, he will point out its popularity and concurrent demand in the market. A number of WordPress programmers have changed their original choice of technology and moved into this domain because of the demand and he rising profits involved.

Recruiting the right WordPress developer

Looking for the right WordPress programmer can often be a very painfully time consuming activity. Naturally, whoever you meet for this profile will claim to be the best amongst the rest. Everyone will have a few good testimonials to back these claims. So how do you settle on the right candidate?

Hire WordPress Developer

Eliminate the option of freelancers

Not that I have anything against them, but it has been proven again and again that the reliability quotient of a freelancer is much lesser as compared to that of a functional organisation with an independent accounting system.

This means that a firm will be interested in their goodwill, but a freelancer will be keener on finishing the project and getting the money. How helpful he will be after that is a big question. So, stay on the safe side and hire from a company.

Go offshore

I know that a lot of people advise against it, but I have found that in my experience, offshore companies put in extra efforts to provide better results. Basically, if they don’t fulfil your requirement then they are at a higher loss than you because:

  1. They don’t get paid for whatever they have already put in
  2. They can get permanently blacklisted if a client complains or flags them

This gives you the upper hand. Also, because of the currency difference, you end up paying a lot less than you would to a local talent.

Be responsible for your site

Even after you have hired somebody, please do not close your eyes to everything that he is doing. There is always room for miscommunication or a difference in opinion. Make sure that you are constantly in touch with your WordPress Programmer to ensure that the final website is exactly how you want it to be or even better.

Hire Google Glass Developer’s Having Sound Knowledge on Various Platforms to Create Interactive and Uniquely Featured Apps

Hire Google Glass Developers

This gadget is loaded with default applications such as Google Now, Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail etc. The Glasses Application Development company developers have created various applications such as facial recognition, news apps, Photo manipulation, note taking, social networking apps, and translation of spoken and written language, sharing screenshots, QR reader and barcode scanner in an effective and user-friendly manner.  These apps are highly compatible with Google glass functionality and built in features.

Interact with your favorite websites with the help of Google glass web

Google Glass Web Development is done using RESTful HTTP services. The only way to open the web browser is to pass voice commands to search apps and click on the search results to view the websites. The web is being designed using various technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, CSS Animations, etc.

Google Glass web development designs the website user interface in an efficient way. The glass specific designs are very similar to that of mobile specific designs. They design the web page with less loading time giving captivating experience for the users. More creative ideas and concepts are being used to design the web in the glasses. Most of the sites are developing glass specific apps rather than glass specific website designs. This is the best way to interact with various websites by giving voice commands.

Roles and responsibilities of Google Glass developers

Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the challenging and daunting task for every organization, since the project will be totally managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in the selection process can ruin the entire organization. These business people have to Hire Google Glass Developers who fulfill the below criteria

  • Should be certified in Google Glass developing and designing
  • Should have sound knowledge in Java, python and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to analyze and develop the bug free code
  • Should develop an unconventional and highly featured apps
  • Should be familiar with two ways of writing applications for glass  (Mirror API, Glass development kit)

So, companies should Hire Google Glass Developers fulfilling the above requirements to develop innovative, useful and fun applications for the forthcoming fabulous device. This app should be friendly with not only tech enthusiasts, but also with people who have zero knowledge about technologies.

Hire Facebook Apps Developer To Create Engaging And Interesting Facebook Apps

Facebook is the renowned social networking site that is being used by every individual irrespective of age across the globe. It became an integral part of every human. There are millions of users for this social network. It helps the users to keep in touch with friends, connect with new people, post your business updates, etc.  This network makes the experience of the user more memorable by adding interesting and user-friendly applications. The Facebook apps are more than a connectivity platform, since many customers are hooked to it and are spending their quality time on it. With the increase in users, the business and group pages have also been created proportionally. This app allows the users to share invitations more flexibly and easily. It gives an opportunity for technology enthusiasts to develop eye-catching and easy functionality apps for Facebook using various platforms such as JSP, ASP, PHP, ColdFusion and many more.

Facebook Developer

Apps for Facebook

The developer involved in Facebook Application Development should have good experience in all the technologies for developing its supporting apps. They have to groom themselves to work on all varieties of technologies. The apps developed for Facebook is quite a challenging task for the developers, since, they have to use the data stored on Facebook along with the Facebook photographs. There are few more tasks that an app developer needs to perform such as sending notifications and invitations within the applications, creating control panels, updating of user profiles, etc.

Developing these social networking apps helps the companies to earn more and more revenue and reputation once they grab the attention of the users.  The world is going crazy about apps such as android apps, iPhone apps, Facebook apps and now currently Google glass apps. Generally apps are a type of mini software that is used to perform specific tasks and makes human work easy. Each app has its own importance and is designed uniquely compared to others.  They perform tasks and undertake activities without the requirement to write the code again and again every time. You just need to build an app it will take care of the rest in future.

Facebook apps are the programs or applications that are only compatible with Facebook. The games you play on Facebook can be categorized as Facebook app development. Before, developers used to develop only game apps for Facebook, but currently they have stretched it to entertainment and employment too. These apps use already existing information in Facebook user profile and try to give more captivating experience for the users using that information. The various interesting and exciting Facebook apps that are available in the internet today include employment, job search, games, astrology, horoscope, entertainment quizzes, photo sharing, music, etc.

We all know that technology has no ceiling and any individual can use it to create new, innovative and interesting things out of it. The same is done by Facebook Apps Developer. The privileges given by Facebook to develop apps using any platform have given chances to the developers to prove themselves in developing new apps that are useful for the users.

Build Web And Mobile Based Apps Using Ruby On Rails Platform

Ruby on rails is the platform used by application developers to create new, unique and workable apps. It takes less time to develop an app using this technology when compared with other languages such as Java and python. Developers like and enjoy creating apps using this technology since; it reduces the burden, stress and gives lots of leisure time. All the points mentioned above clearly tell how flexible it is to work with ruby.

Ruby on Rails

The developers who have good knowledge on ruby can create wonders in the technology world. If the developers are said to develop an app using rails and who have no knowledge on this technology may get panic and start thinking of, will it be able to develop app easily and will it be able to captivate the user experience, etc. But it is the known fact that you can create amazing, highly conventional and uniquely featured apps in one day using this technology. This reduces overall burden on the developer and they feel enthusiastic to work on this platform. Since, it has fewer complications, simple and neat compared with others.

Develop apps with ruby platform in less time

This ruby is a programming language that helps the developers to create interesting web-based and mobile-based apps beside websites in a user-friendly manner. It is best to hire a developer who has basic knowledge of other platforms such as Java and Python along with this.

Mr. David Hansson has created this Ruby on Rails. His creation is expandable and extensible. It is an open-source platform. Many of the professional and expertise developers has worked on this technology and made it more revolutionized further. After being polished by these intelligent developers, ruby has now become a solid, mature and robust technology for creating applications.

Now-a-days rails are being used by the developers to create wonderful and appealing websites. You may need to hire extremely professional ruby developers to create the web applications if there is any such need in your company. If you are a developer, you can totally depend on this technology to develop apps easily, quickly and without any complications.

Points to be considered by ROR developers before creating apps

The rails are designed to make the life of ROR Developers easier. It provides expandable and simple building blocks for the developers to create unique master web applications. The components provided by the code can be customized and integrated with others as per the developer requirement. By doing so, they can create uniquely featured web apps or mobile apps. Creating these apps help them to grab the attention of users towards their company besides giving them huge profits and good brand reputation. Moreover, use of ruby platform reduces the time consumption to create and maintain the apps. The framework of ruby will standardize the apps in the way they are built, by allowing the developer to integrate and write uniform code. The inbuilt libraries in this technology help the developer to write custom codes quickly and easily. They even provide tools, conventions, foundation for the developers to build the apps.

Hire Google Glass Developers to Build The Apps that are Usable and Unique

Google glasses are the latest augmented-reality-based wearable computing gadget that allows the users record videos and capture pictures of every moment in their life time by giving a single voice command. This device works either with the help of a mobile or Wi-Fi connectivity. The GPS chip embedded in this device allows the users to find out the direction of any location through Google Maps. This portable gadget is an advanced version of both Smartphone’s and tablets.  This gives hand free experience for users and allows easy interaction with the search engines. The individual can get any information at faster pace by giving commands in microphone. This microphone connects to the Google search engine and displays all the results on the screen provided on the glasses. The user interface of this device is completely different to that of Smartphone, tablets, etc.

Google Glass Developer

Various Apps and Their Development

The demand for the Google Glass application developers are accelerating day by day. The Google Glasses Applications Development Companies has to take advantages of this new app market as early as possible to design unique, innovative and fun applications. Some of the standard applications that are incorporated in Google include Gmail, Google+, Google Maps, etc. There are many more interesting and workable applications released by third party developers such as facial recognition, language translation, social networking apps, note taking, barcode scanner, QR reader, etc.

The Google mirror API develops cloud based application for the glasses but these apps can interact with the glasses only in limited way. However, the Glass Development Kit which is going to get released in the market has many features embedded in it which allows the developers to create dynamic user interfaces, augment reality gaming and many more applications. But the Google Glasses Applications Development companies undertaking this project should fulfill the below mentioned requirements

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should have good infrastructure

Few of the interesting apps concepts that can be installed in Google Glasses include

  • Sharing videos and photos in real-time: You can set-up a video conference with your friends and colleagues using integrated Google hangout software. This allows the individual on the other end to experience the vicinity as you.
  • Navigation:  Navigates to the location the user requires using Google Maps.  People can even use My Glass apps in the absence of GPS to see the clear cut directions.
  • Facial recognition:  This app will recognize your face and identify your friend in the bustling areas effectively.
  • News and Media: It allows users to receive and view the latest news in front of their eyes. You can view headlines, images, articles published quickly and easily.

Requirements of Google Glass Developer

Many of the mobile app development firms have started hiring extremely professional Google glass developers to create interesting apps that are compatible to the glass functionality and features. Creating the apps for these glasses gives a different experience for the developers.

Hiring the Google Glasses Developers is the crucial job for every organization, since the project will be totally managed by these people. Any wrong step taken in selection process can ruin the entire organization. This business people have to Hire Google Glass Developers who fulfill the below criteria

  • Well trained and professional staff
  • Should provide customer support
  • Should deliver the project on the specified time
  • Should provide cost efficient and user-friendly solutions
  • Should create unconventional and highly featured apps for the customers
  • Should have good infrastructure
  • Should be certified professional in Google Glass designing
  • Should posses sound knowledge in java and Google Mirror API
  • Should be able to meet the deadlines of the project
  • Should understand the requirements of the clients quickly
  • Should be able to analyze and  develop the code
  • Should give best and cost effective solutions
  • Should be aware of the content he is going to work with
  • Should be able to manage the task tactically
  • Should design the apps by keeping target audience in mind

Companies should hire Google Glass Developers who can fulfill the above requirements to develop innovative, creative, usable, exciting and fun applications for this wearable eye-gadget.

Multilingual Website Design – Change your Business Fortune for Good with a Multilingual Website

Are you satisfied with the progress and growth of your business on a national front? Do you want to take your business to overseas market and rake in more revenue? The simple and result-oriented answer to these questions is to contact a multilingual web development company. I did the same for my business and started  stacking up my foreign revenue inflows. If you already have a website and think that it being in English is enough for your audience in your nation and other developing nations, just change your perspective a bit. Agreed, English is the most powerful language and is spread to every corner of continents. However, many people do not use this language, because they do not have the kind of education. Moreover, it is compulsory in many Asian countries to have a regional language in the school syllabus, and English is the secondary language in such regions.

Multilingual Web Development

There are many benefits of having a Multilingual Website Design for your business. I have experienced it personally when I wanted to export canned food to Nigeria. Since I was not the first person to step into this market, I faced a stiff competition for others even though the products of my company were rated best than theirs. Later, I realized that I have to concentrate on customers who are using the native language when using the internet, thanks to the Nielsen-Netratings research that stated how internet users are shifting from English to other languages. The use of internet has changed since the past few years. Businesses that are fast in realizing this fact have greater opportunities in connecting with native speakers and internet users.

The best part of multilingual website design is that it is cost-effective. Asking a web developer to build a site targeting any international audience does not require years of research. In fact, there are many websites that communicate with the target audience by answering their queries in native languages. Having a website that can help non-English users in using it, will certainly yield result and increase virtual presence for your business. It is the best thing to do in order to market your business in an international market. You can connect with new users, develop clients, and give your products an international recognition.

I have personally seen my international customers growing even since I asked for multilingual web development. A multilingual website will certainly attract new customers. When your site is accessible to people across the globe, business inquiries will start pouring in. This is possible by uploading a form on the website with options to translate English into any targeted language. Say you want to find a foothold for your business in Spain. If you have a website built in Spanish language, you can easily capture attention of Spanish people. There are few countries that take pride in using their official language on all platforms.

Not only in Spanish, you can have your multilingual website translated into any other language such as German, French, Japanese, and Italian. The options are endless for your business to perform in the international arena. Just contact any multilingual web development company to reach the global audience. I would recommend you to do a bit of research in finding such companies. Have a list of a few companies and approach them one at a time. Look for what benefits they offer to make your business global and choose wisely.

How to Hire the Best Magento Developers?

In the flood of technology, apparently the world is raining developers. Regardless of which company you look up on the internet, each claims to be the best one with technology. Most of my clients come to me after having scoured the place hysterically for the right guy. I am not boasting about my skills, but having been in this industry amongst other talented Magento programmers, I can tell you one thing for certain: finding the right Magento developer is a painful chore.

This is why I thought of putting up a list of “how to” find the right developer for your project without having to go through all the labour.

Know your Project

The first and the most important step to undertake Magento Development is to first find out the kind of project that you are wanting. You have to first identify the type f Magento site that you want. Is it a simple product selling site or would you like many complicated features in it? Based on your requirements, you must then start the search.

Hire Magento Developers

Ditch the keyboard, use your feet

Although, the internet is a man’s best friend, some things are best done face to face. You might begin with a list of companies who have skilled Magento Programmers by searching on a popular search engine, but once you have this list, ensure that you speak with them individually.

Look up their past experience, the kind of work they have undertaken, their client list and then make a short list of 4 to 5 companies or Magento developers that you think are worthy of the assignment. Once you have this list, call them one by one, or meet with them to ascertain who is the one best suited for your task.

Do a little digging

I know some people would find this cynical, but trust me, it works. Do a little digging about the background. Some companies are fraudulent in nature and all the client testimonials put up by them happen to be drafted by their own employees. So, if they have shown a list of clients or any testimonial, give a call to them to ask how their experience in working with them was.

Only then will you be able to get the true picture about their expertise. Remember to ask about post sale service, which is their response to customer queries after the payment has been done. You never know how many times you might need the help of your Magento programmers. It is best to be sure that they will be there to help out when you need them.

Discuss money matters upfront

A very smart trick that some companies adopt is to price their products really low at the time of offering the package. However, when the project ends they add many hidden charges and rob you dry. If you want to avoid something like that, just make sure that you discuss everything upfront.

Come to an understanding regarding the price and the timelines involved. It is best to get everything in writing before moving ahead to avoid any problems later. Also, mention the jurisdiction that is convenient to you, so that in the unlikely event of a legal dispute, you don’t have to go halfway across the world to seek justice.

Embark on the Tremendous Benefits of Facebook Minisites for Enhanced Business Opportunities

The social media buzz is doing the rounds of the web world in relation to various advantages it bestows on the users. Prominent amongst these media giants is Facebook which offers loads of benefits for users across different industry verticals. However, there are lots of aspects that you need to be prepared for before jumping into social media promotions and marketing.

I have been an ardent Facebook fan for many years now. One aspect that caught my fancy was Facebook Minisites. This is a completely different perspective from the usual websites designed by companies. Most importantly, this is an inexpensive activity, and is a sure hit as far as marketing and branding of your company is concerned. This is also the reason for which most of the businesses are attracted towards Facebook Minisite development.

Facebook Minisite

The concept explained

Facebook minisites are unique landing pages, or say micro sites withing the network of social media platforms. These pages are specifically dedicated to particular companies or brands. So, entrepreneurs have the provision of creating their own minisites on Facebook for aiding target audience to reach them easily and instantly.

The attractive element here is that Facebook Minisite Designing is a freebie from the social media giant. There is no cost whatsoever involved in the process. However, development of such minisites on Facebook has certain nuances attached with it that require serious attention. Hence, if you are really serious for some positive action on this site, I recommend your seek professional help. There are many professional companies who are involved in this process of minisite development. They will first analyze your needs and then customize a site for you for obtaining resounding impact.

The Working of Minisites

A Facebook minisite provides you the capability of having something very close to a real website within the secure premises of a social network. This essentially also means that your products or your brand as a whole, floats continuously across multiple communities of users, thus increasing visibility and correspondingly generating more revenue for your company.

What I personally prefer is to provide gifts and attractive prizes for users visiting such minisites. This will provide the much needed motivation to them for using your services and products more often. You can develop apps for this activity too. Facebook apps go viral quite easily, thus aiding in promotion of your business in an inexpensive manner.

Importance of Facebook minisite development

There are numerous factors that contribute to making Facebook a chosen alternative for aiding businesses across industries. I list two of them for you below.

Popular social network

No one will have a doubt about Facebook’s popularity. The network boasts of a vast pool of users belonging to different likes, tastes, industries and age groups. Right from students to the elderly, everyone is on Facebook these days.


On the base of it’s immense popularity, Facebook is a medium that offers a wide reach and prospective customers are easily available if your promotions are perfectly in place. Further, people power leads to more connections. This phenomenal chain system continues providing your page with visitors regularly, who in turn become your customers at some point. Facebook minisite designing also aids you to get back links to the original company website. Here your visitors are able to understand more about your products or services.

Conclusively, I like to mention that the prospects offered by Facebook are immense and it can definitely be used as an incomparable platform for intetnet marketing. Well, I have experienced it’s benefits just like many others. Now it is your turn!

Design Google Glasses Specific Apps to Give an Appealing User Experience

Google glasses, a next generation Android-powered computer eye gadget that is going to hit the market within no time. This thinnest product is embedded with miniature hardware and attractive touch pad. People can perform any task by giving voice commands. This user-friendly device can not only be used by tech enthusiasts but also by every individual.

Google Glassware

Apps providing information in real-time

Google Glasses are loaded with many applications. Developing these apps is completely different for the application developers because of their unique features and functionality. These apps should support Google Glass functionality and features. The platforms used for Glass is totally different to that of mobile in use and design. The Google Glasses Apps Development companies are undertaking this app project and applying all their skills for giving out unique, feasible and usable apps for the users. This app allows them to use the product in more diverse ways. This exciting and interesting app helps the Google Glasses Apps Development companies earn huge profits once they gain customers’ attention.

Developers have used location awareness and photo recognition technology and developed a new app which provides the information appropriate to that location you are standing at in real-time. Every Smartphone’s has a feature of getting life events reminders regularly whereas Google Glasses apps have the ability to create an app that alerts or alarms you about the activities without the need of any reminders. For example, you can get the alerts about the cash in your wallet and credit card limit whenever you visit a retail store. When you enter an airport or railway you can get all information about the trains and planes departure and arrival time in real-time in the form of a timetable. By integrating the features of a calendar and daily planner applications will escort the users towards the train or plane they have to board too. It gives alerts about the safest routes while you start walking on roads and prevents you from getting prone to robbery or crowded areas.

Guidelines to be followed while designing Apps

Developers are using Google Glassware to develop the apps. This Glassware in turn is being built by using Google Mirror API to develop fun application for this extraordinary device. This Glassware is created using either of two programming languages such as Java or Python.

Google Glassware or apps for this fabulous device should be unique in functionality, design and usability. Since, this gadget is totally different from a mobile device and platform so, the app developer should design the apps exclusively for the glass. This device is just kept an inch away from eye so they need to develop the app in a user-friendly way.

Can WordPress be used for anything or only for Blogging?

When it initially began, WordPress development was taken in the form of a content management system that supported blogging. Till date, most people consider it to be a blogging tool or framework. However, that is the biggest myth associated with it.

Today, WordPress has evolved as one of the most sophisticated forms of being able to show yourself on the internet. As more and more entrepreneurs have come to understand the benefits of using WordPress development, the various forms of its usage too have undergone a rapid change.

Wordpress Development

Different sites, different uses

Before anyone thinks of making his online identity, one has to first understand the expectation that he has from it. This does not merely mean how it will look like in the end, but what role will it function. You can use a WordPress website to become a simple business card kind of a website to a much more complicated online shopping experience.

However, the first step will be to understand what you want from it. Sometimes people are unclear about how they want their online identity to be and so they just move forth with creating a website with no clear purpose. Blaming the CMS later for not performing will not do any good.

WordPress Templates and Customization

WordPress has emerged as one of the most popular Content management systems of the current times. Being open source it happens to be a very cheap alternative to building a site from ground up. However, having a personal identity in the web world is very important.

This is why WordPress development allows you to pick from a host of pre designed templates. These templates are created by artists all over the world. Some are free and some others are payable. However, the biggest advantage of using them is the WordPress Customization feature.

These templates that you select are extremely easy to download and install. WordPress Customization allows you to make changes to the site that tells the world that it is unique and belongs to you. It can help in representing your brand or company in the ideal way.

No technical knowledge required

Every entrepreneur wants to be able to handle his website by himself. Of course, professional assistance is taken during the time of development, but no one wants to run to a developer every time a new product has to be added or the font has to be changed.

WordPress is ideal in this respect. It requires absolutely no technical knowledge in order to be able to work with WordPress. All the instructions for every function are given in plain and simple language making the overall task very easy.

Any modification that you wish to bring to your existing layout can be easily performed in a step by step aproach from your dashboard. You simply need to log as in as admin and perform one step at a time as per the instructions.

Looking for a developer

The first step is the most difficult one. This is why you have to begin by selecting the right developer for the task. Look for someone who works within an organisation. Freelancers can be difficult to trace once the job is done and the payment is made. Do a little background check to be absolutely certain about the professionalism of the person you finalise.