The Best Facebook Fan Pages of 2013!

When we hear of businesses adopting newer approached via the medium of trending social networking sites, it is hardly a surprise anymore. Initially what remained to be a rage amongst the teenagers is today the craze for every business owner.

Let us look at the best business fan pages of the year 2013 and appreciate the best Facebook Fan Page Designing!


Zappos uses Facebook as best as possible. it makes sure that the cover image s striking and apart from that it uses all the discussion posts, wall updates and contests like ‘ Fan of the Week’ to promote itself.

Tiny Prints

Tiny Prints uses adorable pictures and features to attract its visitors they offer special features like view merchandise and offer fan discounts that continue to lure more and more fans. Its user friendliness is a landmark in facebook fan page designing.


Definitely created by a great Facebook developer Threadless uses its fan Page to post t-shirt designs and to vote for their favorite. You can also purchase merchandise directly from there.

Steve Spangler Science

Taking science to a whole new level with crazy videos and photos of very interesting merchandise for sale. Its catalogue of crazy products includes bacteria growing kit and an insta snow thingy. Facebook fan page has helped them in such a great way.


Being a top brand in itself and having used the best facebook developer they SKDY have made some super widgets that allow users to view videos, read blogs and even listen to music. What’s more you can also by merchandise directly from facebook.


I could have never imagined such a beautiful use of facebook. With scores of videos and more than a thousand photos the page is so attractive. Smartpak uses its facebook fan page to encourage user comments and to ensure that their fan club is very active.

Stella & Dot

Its not just a fan page for Stella & Dot. It’s a platform which they use to train their on foot direct sales executives about their products and their many features. They use creative videos and imaging to achieve this.

Old Spice

Old Spice capitalizes the use of the old spicey guy from the commercials even on its fan page. Old Spice encourages its use of facebook by asking the users to comment and give them new ideas for the commercials.

There are of course many others who have understood how effective the use of a facebook fan page can be and thereby have ensured to capitalize on its every feature like uploading videos or photos and sharing posts.

You too can be on this list if you can plan it accordingly. Just make sure that you don’t repeat any one else’s idea because the world of the internet can be slightly unforgiving sometimes. Be creative and let the social network do your marketing for you.

What Makes Coldfusion 9 your Best Business Decision: Top New Features!

ColdFusion web development has been the benchmark of business friendly technology since a very long time. However, in spite of its many advantages, there are a few things that have been worrying people since some time. In order to overcome these problems, the ColdFusion 9 comes fully equipped with all the latest features that can make the most out of your products.

The First Complaints

If you have been using ColdFusion Web Development at all, you will understand that the most predominant complaint about it is to do with the tag based CFML language. It may be easy for people used to HTML, but it is very tedious for others because it is lengthy and its tag syntax is excruciatingly long-winded.

This problem has been corrected by adobe and it thereby allows you to write codes in both CFML or even CFScript. CFScript is essentially an ECMA-like scripting language. Using this helps in speeding up the process of coding to a large extent when non visual components like ColdFusion Components (also known as  CFCs) are involved. People who have been using the older version can appreciate the kind of boon this one is. It even means that people comfortable with ActionScript or JavaScript can be comfortable in it.

The lack of a decent library

The latest addition of the Java Hibernate object-relational mapping (ORM) library solves another very pungent complaint that was raised by its earlier users. With this, ColdFusion is able to abstract a lot of the complexity of the Hibernate away making the simple API available which in turn allows you to load and save the CFCs to a relational database. This means you can actually build an object without having to think about the database at all. It also ensures that Hibernate can translate the particular model into a schema automatically. A ColdFusion Developer will now also be able to build robust domain models absolutely effortlessly by engaging nested transaction and hooks within the hibernate event model.

Export to Excel

Having been into the realms of technology for so long, I can tell you that the most irritating and tedious tasks of all was the step of ‘Export to Excel’. It is simple so long as you are making an HTML table but the moment you get involved in creating something of a slightly higher complication like the Apache POI to create worksheets and formulas; it will take forever for you to actually be able to undertake the export. ColdFusion 9 will happily surprise you with something called the cfspreadsheet tag that will deliver you off this terrible process. This tag is complemented with a host of different functions that will enable you t carry out any number of manipulations with the sheet with absolutely no trouble altogether. Any Coldfsion Developer will tell you how helpful this new feature is.

On the whole, the new ColdFusion 9 is power packed with some of the best features all set to put it back to the top of the shelf for every web developer today.

Is a Multilingual Site Necessary for a Small or Medium Sized Business?

Business today has no limits. No one really wants to have a business which is confined to a stage where it began. Everyone is interested in growing so that their revenues increase and the profitability maximizes.

Having said this more and more people are venturing into the realms of the internet to ensure higher visibility of their business brands. It is a known fact that internet is one of the most effective and the cheapest forms of marketing. It allows you to reach out to the global audience fast easily.

Web presence is no longer treated as a luxury. Today’s times have made having a website an absolute necessary. In fact, any customer has a natural expectation of finding any of his requirements over the internet.

Now, since we have already established that internet allows you to interact with the global audience, it is of critical importance that you can harness its prowess for the maximum benefits. This is where Multilingual Website Development comes into the picture.

What is a multilingual site?

As the name suggests, multilingual is a site that can be viewed in multiple languages. There are many parts of this world that do not speak English as their first language. In these cases it becomes difficult to explain everything that you want to, through the medium of English.

There is always a possibility that the people will not be able to follow what you are saying completely, or for that matter, they will not be able to appreciate the kind of benefits that you have to offer. This is why explaining things to them in their local language are very important.

A multilingual site essentially is one which you can create in your own language, but it can translate to any other when required. Basically with technological advancements, geolocationing has the advantage of automatically sensing the location where the website is being viewed and therefore translate accordingly.

The Design

People of different places have different likes and preferences. Considering that your website is multilingual, it means that you are catering for the global audience. But is it enough to have a site in different languages?

The answer is no. layouts and designs also impact people’s response. Ensure that while you enter into the fields of multilingual website design you make sure that you have a global approach to it. Keep in mind the kind of things that will have a positive and a negative impact on the users for best results.

What not to do?

We have already spoken about the things that we must do in order to attract more web visitors, however, there is a very comprehensive list of things that we must utterly avoid in order to maximize productivity.

  • Do not make a loud site: while it is advisable to think out of the box and be innovative, it is a definite no-no to make a loud and over the top website. With certain things you never know whether people will like it or not and so keep it within safe territory to ensure a pleasing reception.


  • No music or music off option:A particular form of music may be popular in your area, but you cannot force people to listen to the kind of music you like even though they belong to some other culture. In order to avoid this agenda, keep an option of shutting the music.

On the whole be receptive about global tastes and you will never go wrong.

Deep Down and Dirty: Facebook Minisite Tricks!

Facebook has presented itself as the boon for the marketing world of business enterprises in the recent years. Its free, it’s interesting and it helps people connect. This has made a huge impact on people’s lives today. You will hardly find anyone who isn’t connected on facebook.

What initially was a trend for the teenagers has today taken the shape of a universal medium of putting forth your products for your customers to see and appreciate. Having said this, each and every day, there are new and unique techniques that are coming up to facilitate business promotion. One such tool is the Facebook Minisite development.

What is a facebook Minisite?

Essentially, Facebook Minisite refers to a page that an individual can make representing their business or brand on the Facebook network. This page can be used effectively to facilitate marketing and brand promotion of your company and other products and services offered by you.

How does the Minisite Work?

There are many ways in which the facebook Minisite can increase your visibility. It can help you in promoting your brand in a big way. It basically makes you able to have a tiny website (almost like the real one) within the popular social network of Facebook.

This fundamentally opens your brand up to all the people who are existing users of Facebook. It’s fantastic in many ways because it reduces your effort by manifold. All you need to do is create a site within a site and the rest is taken care of by the visitors themselves.

Tricks and treats

The best way to go about increasing your revenue with the help of a Facebook Minisite Development is by offering attractive discounts or gift hampers to your visitors. Sometimes, if done the right way it can hook your visitors so much that they will keep visiting your site over and over again and again.

Facebook Minisite designing has gained tremendous popularity in the recent times owing to the kind of business revenue it can generate. More and more people are moving towards finding the right guy to design their Minisite.

If done in the right way, a facebook Minisite can pull in many visitors to your original website. That way, you really don’t have too much to do. Make sure that you are easy to access and that you have your contact details given liberally everywhere on your Minisite.

Points to ponder

Minisite opens many new avenues of revenue generation for you. However, since it is so popular it harbors quite a few security threats as well. This is why before you take the big leap make sure that you have conducted thorough research so that you are aware of what you are getting into.

It would be really nice if you can speak to someone who already has a facebook Minisite so that he can explain to you the areas where he is experiencing trouble and places that are helping him in a big way.

When you speak to your Minisite designer make sure that you have discussed these points so that there is no confusion later on. Also, discuss finances right from the start to avoid any unnecessary problems later on.

Rails or Django: Who to Bet your Money on?

You know the feeling when no matter what you get; you are always thirsty for something better? Well, the whole concept of technology is very similar to that. I remember that every time I would buy a gadget for myself, the next day would launch a better and cheaper version for the same. I so wish I could strangle Mr. Murphy (if you know what I mean).

So, the other day I met a client who said he wanted me to develop his web app in Django. I began my work on it and just the next day he called to say that he thought better of Ruby programming, so I should switch to that. I agreed with him and changed over.

Finally, he called me again because he still couldn’t make his mind up. So if you have a similar confusion, this blog is just the one for you. Each has its own advantages, but it is best to match it with the kind of app you are specifically looking at. This blog will help you find out which one is the best for you.

Why What How?

Okay, let me warn you beforehand that being a Ruby on Rails Programmer since about half a decade, I have a little bias towards it. However, here I only state facts so don’t mind so much!

The difference

The first thing to keep in mind is that these two have a very different structure. But, of my experience I can tell you that Ruby Programming is made with using just a single command line entry. This makes it a little intuitive.


The extensive community and documentation of ROR makes it very usable. Also, the kinds of changes that have come about in ROR are only to make it advanced. Django too has a very good documentation, but the user community is not that wide. This makes it a little difficult to understand.

Also the difference between the versions of Django is quite huge. Also the file structure is also pretty unclear or not so obvious. The folders in Django must be manually added, this means you have to put a lot of faith in the user to understand what you are trying to do. This might be difficult in terms of usability.

The name is cool

I know it’s funny, but Ruby sounds so cool! Unlike Django, which in my opinion sounds pretty difficult on the whole? However, Ruby Gems can do a great deal for you by itself. You have to follow the given instructions pretty clearly so that it can take its own path.


Jokes apart, I have been experienced in Ruby for quite some time so I can tell you that it seems to be the easier way for me. However, I know so many people who prefer to use Django for development. If you wish to start off on your own web development or application development, then you must do some research on your own about what you want and how you would like for it to be. Seek some professional advice if need be!

How Can a Facebook App Development Company Fool You!

Being as good as you are in your own business you did not think it was possible for people to fool you? Well, here’s an eye opener! Since the demand of Facebook application developers has gone up so vehemently, it is easy for companies to fool you into thinking that they are the best.

However, if you are careful about how you move forth, you don’t have to worry about a thing! Follow the given tips and ensure no one is taking any undue advantage of you!

Get the market feedback

The first thing that you should do before signing any Facebook App Development Company is to get the accurate market feedback about them. We often skip this step hoping that they would do justice to our app but then, who suffers in the end? I have seen in my experience, many business owners who come to me to repair their apps because somebody made false promises and left them to hang there.

So, research about what you want and who you want to deal with it. Get all your facts straight and have at least a couple of meetings with two or more companies before settling on the right one.

Do you know what’s trending?

It is good to put your faith on a professional, but it is plain old foolish to close your eyes on them. Make sure that your folks are on track by identifying the trending topics as opposed to what he is offering you. Keep an eye out for things that your customer wants.

Basically, nobody knows your business better than you do. So remember to give your Facebook Application Developers the right inputs and suggestions at every step so that they cannot fool you into thinking that they are giving you the best, while they are simply fooling around.

Intervene and involve

Make sure that you are absolutely abreast at every stage of development of your app. This is important because you must know where your app stands right from the conceptualization stage to the materialization stage.

If you notice that they are pushing your work aside and paying more heed to some other project, simply end all terms with them and ask for a full refund.

Have an agreement

I cannot possibly stress how important it is to have an agreement. Put all your requirements in black and white and make sure that they sign it. Usually, a decent facebook development company would have their own agreement with their terms on it.

Make sure that you have read it carefully and only then sign it because something you have ignored might come to haunt you in the end. If there is anything that you cannot agree to, simply refuse to sign until it is amended. There is absolutely no need to succumb to everything, because there are many out there who will be more than happy to accept you as their clients.

Payment mode

Sometimes, the payment is made in advance and sometimes on delivery. The best win-win way is to have a partial advance followed by the full settlement on satisfaction. If the company disagrees with this and asks for a full advance, just choose someone else for the job!

The Rotten Facebook Apps you should Stay Away From!

Where there are fruits, there will be the pests! Similarly, since Facebook has become so popular amongst people, it is easy for people with malicious intent to use it as a perfect tool to come forth and steal your personal data.

It can be as silly as a high school girl impersonating someone else, to a serious business level threat. For this reason (and many more) one has to make sure that they are absolutely prepared with what comes their way.

Now, maybe I am over reacting, but trust me, in my career in the digital sphere, I have seen so many things happen that nothing surprises me anymore. You can never be too safe with any networking site and so, prevent rather than being sorry later.

A sad app story

A Facebook Application Developer can tell you the infinite possibilities that one can explore with it. While most of the Facebook Application Development Companies are interested in creating apps with a business point of view, there will be a few who will try to seek personal data for various reasons.

Now, of course not everybody is trying to hack into your account to impersonate you, but there are many who would want to extract information for their vested interests in terms of getting access to your bank accounts.

Although it sounds farfetched, trust me, it is entirely possible. Softwares such as key logger have already helped in robbing many people and many facebook apps are on their way too.

Privacy settings

Naturally, to maintain the sanctity and popularity of the site itself, Facebook has involved and incorporated many features that can help in protecting your privacy. Make sure you utilize all the features of the privacy settings so that no unwanted people can get your data.

Maintain some discretion on your end too. Do not post explicit pictures on Facebook because you never know who will download it and use it for some god forsaken purpose. Being vigilant at a personal level can save you a lot of trouble.

Read the Notes

Sometimes, when you click on ‘I accept the terms and conditions’ you fail to go through them thoroughly. People just breeze through it, or worse, just don’t bother reading it at all. Mostly many apps have the clause that by accepting it, you are authorizing them to use your personal data on your page. So later, if there is any dispute, they are the rightful owners of that data, having done nothing wrong.

Get the right Facebook application development company

If you are planning to start off with your own Facebook application then you must seek only a professional Facebook Application Developer from a reputed company to ensure that you app works correctly and helps you rather than pulling you down.

Data theft is a very real and imminent threat to businesses of every size and scope today. If you wish to stay ahead of competition and keep yourself floating in such a tight market you cannot simply rely on anyone and everyone.

It is always best to have an in house team for the needful, however, if it is a onetime task that may prove to be an expensive affair. So you can research the market well and identify a reliable company and hand over your internet troubles for them to take care. Since they are professionals of the same industry they know how to cut corners and help you by keeping your data safe while creating the best Facebook app for your company.

What’s the New Gossip around Ruby?

The shiny red stone has truly attracted many since eons. However, this little gem has made its own name in the field of computer technology as well. Strange, only a few years back, only the rich and wealthy could flaunt a computer or even a mobile. But today, everyone has a mobile or laptop. Business is heavily dependent on the way one can use technology.

Ruby On Rails is an amazing framework that has been responsible for the profitability of many an entrepreneurs. Being in this industry for a little over a decade, I can bet my knowledge that no matter what you think is the latest technology, there will always be something that comes along to beat it.

So the best way to stay abreast with technology is to continue sifting in the field without any hesitation for so long as you can. How to do that, you ask? Well, the simplest way to do this is by doing relentless research.

How it helps

I know I’ve probably been blabbering about the research thingy for as long as I can remember, but it breaks my heart to see so many people knowingly causing their pitfalls in the business because of the simple lack of research.

You must first categorize and identify your own standing in the industry with two specific standpoints:

  1. Where your actual business lies with respect to competition
  2. How is your online identity as compared to others in the same business

Once you have a clear understanding of both these parameters, there is absolutely no way that you can go wrong.

The Bazinga! Moments

Well, as Sheldon Cooper can tell you, there will be times when you will come across a few Bazinga moments while undertaking your web identity. Although it may seem to be a very good idea, it is best to consult with your Ruby Programmers before you can carry it out.

I ask you to seek professional advice not because I undermine your strengths but only because a professional has a much better idea with respect to trending features of the target audience. You may be right about most of the things but it wouldn’t hurt to get a second (more professional) opinion.

Ruby on Rails

Any Rails developer can list the biggest advantages of using Ruby for your web presence. However, it would be best if you yourself knew exactly what you will get when you pay for it.

The latest features:

The latest buzz around rails has been how simple it is. Initially ROR was considered to be one of the more difficult development frameworks however, the latest version has fully focused on creating simple changes to make it ever more user friendly.

The Russian Doll

The new version has grown to be my favorite because it helps you make the Russian doll caching so simple. I mean really, you have to try it to believe it! The key based expiration with its automatic dependency management is set to blow your minds.

Application Processes

It helps you in making you unilateral app in to an individual page of JavaScript application with special regards to speed. The best thing is you can get all this minus the developmental shortcomings.