Hiring Ruby on Rails Developer: Easy Steps to Get your Job Done

Ruby on Rails is one of the best technologies used for web development. This is why numerous companies are looking forward to rails web development by hiring talented developers to get the work done efficiently. However, it is not an easy task to find a Ruby on Rails Developer London, or elsewhere in UK. So, if you also need ROR developer, then here are some of the steps to get your job done easily. Let us take a look at them.

  1. Visit the developers’ (virtual) lair: If you want the best of the lot, you should know which are the top forums or sites, where the rails programmers post comments, articles, code snippets, sample of their work etc. The easy way to do this is make a list of some of the top websites related to Ruby on Rails Development and then search the ideal developer for your work. Am sure this will work out for you easily.

  2. Ask for referrals: If you already have some rails programmers, who are working for your organization, then you can ask them to refer some of their fellow developers, friends, acquaintances or other connections with expertise in the same field. This will not only save you loads of time, but also get some of the best developers to work with you. For best results, you can also introduce an employee referral scheme in your company.

  3. Check the portfolio: When you recruit new programmers, make it a point to check the portfolio of their work. Find out who they worked with in the past, what are the other areas of their specialty, what level of expertise do they have in ROR etc. This way, checking out the portfolio of work of a potential rails programmer will help you test the waters before taking the final decision.

  4. Don’t be deterred by educational qualifications: When you want to hire any developer – ruby on rails or just about any technology under the sun, don’t presume that they will all possess high educational qualifications. In fact, I have met and interacted with numerous developers, who are extremely talented and yet, have never been to college! Remember, it’s all about the experience, which takes us to the next point.

  5. Do they have sufficient experience: Always make it a point to find out whether the developer or the developer teams you are going to hire possess the necessary experience in ruby on rails.  This is because having an expertise in the field is a different thing, while having experience gives them more practical exposure. This way, they can provide you with flawless results.

To sum it all up

So, these are some of the basic, but important steps using which you can get ruby on rails developer London or other UK cities. I am sure that by following all or at least some of these steps will help you hire the best and the most talented rails programmers for your company. All the best for your endeavor. Good luck!

4 Basic Tips That Are a Must to Hire ROR Developer

PHP, Ajax, HTML et al are some of the basic tools for web development. These technologies are quite well known among the layman as well as professionals, who use these tools and technologies. Nowadays, new technologies are increasingly being used by a number of companies for web development. These technologies help develop dynamic web content and provide numerous other features and functionalities that were never seen before. One such technology is Ruby on Rails, which is based on the Model, View, Controller or MVC architecture. 

Because ruby on rails technology is an integral part of web development, Rails programmers are also much in demand. So, if you want to Hire ROR Developer, here are some tips that you can follow. Take a look:

  1. Search for them intelligently: It is very easy to find developers, if you know where to look. For instance, you can interact online with numerous developers at various ruby on rails forums, websites etc. On these sites, the developers discuss their work, share opinions, give feedback, post comments, post their sample codes or even share their entire portfolio. This gives you a chance to analyze their work and also, contact them easily if needed. Additionally, you can also visit developer’s conferences or other meets and find talented programmers for your project.

  2. Start an employee referral scheme: Another way to find the best ROR programmers is to start a full-fledged employee referral scheme. This is immensely beneficial as developers who already work for you, can refer their friends, acquaintances, ex-colleagues and other known professionals with expertise in rails technology. It also saves you truckload of time and at the same time you get some of the best developers in the industry. Easy isn’t it?

  3. Ask for their past work: Always make it a point to ask the developer you are going to hire, about a documentation of their past work. This will help you analyze their strengths and weaknesses, know their experience, what are their expertise, what level of work they will be able to handle, who they worked with etc. This will also help you negotiate a price at the time of hiring them.

  4. Take a test: If you want to know how much knowledge the developer you are going to hire has, you can take an on-the-spot test for the same. What you can do is, go prepared with a number of questions related to ruby on rails and ask them these questions verbally. Alternately, you can ask them to write a sample code or give them a code to debug. If you don’t have sufficient knowledge, you can ask an expert to help you or do some research and then prepare the test(s).

To sum it all up

These are some of the must know tips for hiring rails programmers for your company. All these tips are easy to follow and will help you hire ROR developer easily. Just follow them and in no time you will get the best talent in the industry. All the best for your endeavour.

ColdFusion Web Development: Benefits for the ColdFusion Programmer

ColdFusion is one of the best application server technologies which is available for developers to create numerous web applications. It does not require lengthy or complex coding processes in the usual programming languages (although it does support a host of traditional programming techniques). What a developer needs to do is to extend standard HTML files with stuff like database commands and conditional operators.

This is why the latest version of ColdFusion – ColdFusion 8 is being used by a number of developers for integrating browser, server and the database technologies.  Now let us take a look at some of the main reasons that make ColdFusion Web Development preferable for the developers:

Benefits of ColdFusion technology:

There are numerous advantages of ColdFusion technology, which makes it immensely popular with the programmers. Let us take a look at some of them:

Simplified Installation and Migration

  • ColdFusion provides clear instructions and explains the options in detail.

  • You can use it to easily do non-standard installations

  • It even works with numerous operating systems

  • It includes advanced web server configuration wizard

  • You get improved upgrade and migration tools

  • Get a greater backward compatibility than ever

  • Continues to support silent installation when required

Faster development

ColdFusion consists of a brand new compiler. It compiles from CFML to Java byte code directly and that too without generating Java source code. This results in a fast execution, which is so fast that you’ll not even notice the difference between initial compile and the subsequent requests. Wouldn’t that be great?

Improved Protocols

ColdFusion now comes with numerous improved protocols. This will make it all the more easy for the ColdFusion Programmer to create and implement web applications.

Benefits of a ColdFusion website:

  • Build richer, dynamic and powerful web applications: This dynamic website does not need high level coding

  • Highly productive and efficient: ColdFusion websites deliver more as compared to other websites in terms of productivity and efficiency

  • Easy to maintain: Websites developed using ColdFusion are easier to maintain than the static websites

  • System and server independent: A ColdFusion website is operating system independent. Also, it can be run on any server

  • Popular among developers: Because it consists of high run time performance and is easy to use

  • Build rich websites easily: Developers can create rich websites with numerous features and functions quite easily using ColdFusion

  • Advantages of ColdFusion website:

    • Get more powerful and richer applications

    • Can be created in any language

    • Can be integrated with all the major internet standards and component models

    • Can be used to create professional business graphics

To sum it all up

All these benefits and much more help the ColdFusion Programmer develop some of the most exceptional web applications. Hence, if you are looking for ColdFusion Web development, now is the best time to do so. You simply have to find out a company that provides you the best developer to match your requirement(s). All the best for your search.